Remember this picture?  It’s from September 2015, a month before our 2015 election (some say it was staged).

One of Trudeau’s big campaign promisses in 2015 was to let in 50,000 Syrian refugees.  In fact, since getting elected, the Liberals have made our border wide open and let in millions of immigrants, refugees, temporary workers and foreign students.

Here are the numbers, just for legal immigrants:

2016:  323,188
2017:  272,691
2018:  303,369
2019:  313,603
2020:  284,153
2021:   226,314
2022:  493,817
2023:  468,817

That’s 3.8 million immigrants in just 8 years, or more than 10% of the population.  A typical generation is 30-35 years.  Our fertility rate is less than 1.7 (we need it to be at 2.2 to remain stable).  40% of Canadians currently living in this country were not born here.  At this pace, in 30 years, almost everyone living in Canada will have been born elsewhere.

On top of this, Liberals are now offering free contraceptives to women, free hard drugs to young men, and free suicide assistance to old people.

We’re being replaced folks.  That their plan. It’s that simple.

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