The AFP Report – Mark Anderson on the Border Engineered Crisis

The border crisis is not by accident – it’s engineered and now called “irregular migration”.

It’s actually endorsed and engineered by the Three Amigos, and supported by tax and NGO dollars.

The AFP Report – Mark Anderson on the Border Crisis

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On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined once again by Mark Anderson, a longtime reporter for the newspaper who also serves as our Roving Editor. Mark joins me to discuss the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border, a crisis that has only worsened under President Joe Biden. Mark recently spoke with former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who served as sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for over 20 years, about the situation at the border. Will local and state officials step up to enforce America’s immigration laws given the utter failure of the federal government to police the southern border? Subscribe to America’s last real newspaper today!

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Confessions of a wannabe communitarianist

Communism, no matter what you call it, never works.

I was attracted to living on a commune as a method of putting theory into practice. During my high school years, I became attracted to Marxism and leftism as a methodological way of understanding the world.

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15 minute cities – c40

It’s happening fast.

They don’t have long before people wake up and catch on.

In the WEF’s own words — this rearrangement of cities is absolutely about climate change:
As climate change and global conflict cause shocks and stresses at faster intervals and increasing severity, the 15-minute city will become even more critical.

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