Tiger Williams arrested

No surprise when you listen to this great podcast.


[Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan] Episode 69: Tiger Williams (Part 1) #squidAndTheUltimateLeafsFan podcastaddict.com/squid-and-the-ultimate-leafs-fan/episode/151723955 via @PodcastAddict

[Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan] Episode 70: Tiger Williams (Part 2) #squidAndTheUltimateLeafsFan
podcastaddict.com/squid-and-the-ultimate-leafs-fan/episode/151723957 via @PodcastAddict

The podcasts were really good until the very end where Dave starts pushing the vaccine. I figure that’s proof that he must have brain damage from all those shots to the head. Sadly, Rick Vaive and the host both agree with him. Seems to be part of the mass delusion of baby boomers.

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Bluesky vs. Nostr with Rabble

Bluesky vs. Nostr with Rabble 🗓️ 2023-05-11 • 🕑 58:55 • 📁 42 MB Podcast: Nostr Talks Author: DK Web player: podcastaddict.com/nostr-talks/episode/157560441 Episode: api.substack.com/feed/podcast/120768838/0d3e24e44812de1a652f450598d39dac.mp3 This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit www.curiousdk.com

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Alcohol is poison

Alcohol is poison. That fact is documented conclusively, without a doubt, in the links below. There’s ZERO logical benefit to consuming alcohol but there is a Kamikaze based benefit, in getting accepted by the crowd…. for killing yourself slowly and never achieving your full potential. This is what I call fake safety and fake security


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Carbon tax is a human tax


Right now my small house pays $21 out of $150 in carbon tax to heat for a cold March.

In 2030 that will be 3x or $60.

This is as the natural gas price is in freefall – as we have unlimited supply and really just pay to get it into our homes.

They tax anything they can’t control the price of and limit.

The tax is to fund Agenda 21 and the SDGs, which will cost 8 trillion a year worldwide. Fake11.com/8

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More Nostr

The bitcoinbitcoin -0.5% community’s new favorite social media network, Nostr, is designed to rival email, blogging, Instagram, Twitter, Discord and more. It’s not an app itself. Rather, Nostr is an innovation in how digital text can be sent and received. Anyone can join and anyone can build apps freely using the protocol.


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