Tiger Williams arrested

No surprise when you listen to this great podcast.


[Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan] Episode 69: Tiger Williams (Part 1) #squidAndTheUltimateLeafsFan https://podcastaddict.com/squid-and-the-ultimate-leafs-fan/episode/151723955 via @PodcastAddict

[Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan] Episode 70: Tiger Williams (Part 2) #squidAndTheUltimateLeafsFan
https://podcastaddict.com/squid-and-the-ultimate-leafs-fan/episode/151723957 via @PodcastAddict

The podcasts were really good until the very end where Dave starts pushing the vaccine. I figure that’s proof that he must have brain damage from all those shots to the head. Sadly, Rick Vaive and the host both agree with him. Seems to be part of the mass delusion of baby boomers.