All vehicles should be plug in hybrids

I have two if them with 400,000km and testify that they work.

Finally, the President should work with the automotive industry to pivot from a focus on full battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) instead. There simply aren’t enough battery materials available to support the conversion of a substantial portion of our automotive fleet to full electric. If battery materials are the constraint, we must manage to that constraint. On a gallon of fuel abated per kWh of battery basis, PHEVs are far superior to full BEVs – the math is undeniable.

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Podcasts on Breez: Streaming Sats & Streaming Ideas | Breez Technology

Paying for podcasts with micro micropayments.

Lightning solves these problems with the same method it solves many others: by decentralizing the network. The only obstacle — until a few months ago — was how to bring Lightning together with podcasting. As soon as Adam Curry told me about the podcast:value standard, which he developed with Dave Jones, I saw that they had already done the heavy lifting of compiling an index and a standard protocol. In order to unite the free, direct, creator-to-listener structure of podcasting with the free, direct, payer-to-recipient structure of Lightning, we just had to plug their protocol into Breez with a couple of bells and whistles. (Actually, it’s more like rockets and confetti.)

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Podcast tech tip for resetting android radio connections

If you have an android car stereo for BT streaming (and who doesn’t these days) and are having problems playing certain podcast episodes, here a solution.

The title of the podcast episode may have a special character (like a ‰x) or be too long. This will cause the display to crash, and that may freeze or reset the whole device.

I’ve also had trouble with long podcast descriptions with special characters in the rss feed crashing devices and podcast players.

The less you put in the title and feed, the better your feed will perform in this buggy software world.

This took me quite some time to figure out. I even had to listen to a horrible podcast. on the subject to figure it out.

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Is there nothing the climate change hoaxers won’t link to their cause or religion?

For those of us binge-watching TV shows, installing new smartphone apps or sharing family photos on social media over the holidays, it may seem like an abstract predicament.

Save the Planet! File share with torrents!

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