11 Richest Families in the United States 

Where’s Rockefeller on the list? Did they lose their money?

11 RICHEST FAMILIES IN THE UNITED STATESIn life you may be able to pick your friends, pick your college, and pick your career but you will never be able to pick the family that you were born into. This can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on where you ended up. For the following 11 families on this list we bet that they were ecstatic to be born into their specific bloodline. Wealth can be generational, they say, and these families put the concept to the test. We are about to dig into the luxurious lives of some of America’s wealthiest families and just reading about their worth will make you want to run to your savings accounts and put everything you have in them. Without further deliberation: Listed below are 11 of the wealthiest families in the United States!

Source: 11 Richest Families in the United States | HorizonTimes

Rob Ford Bash

Rob Ford was quickly UN-liked by many. Some didn’t even like him from the start.

ROB FORD, THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH-I’m torn between the impulse to massage the memory of the man into something soothing and palatable, and the impulse to tell the truth: that Ford could be a terrible, terrible person.

Source: Rob Ford, the unvarnished truth – NOW Toronto Magazine – Think Free

Rob Ford, 1969-2016: A legacy he never intended

If I have to alight on one incident of surpassing significance amidst the mayhem of Rob Ford’s mayoralty, I find myself bypassing the chaos of the scrums outside his office, the humiliations of the trials, the self-destructive behaviour, and the endless examples of how this curious man coarsened Toronto’s civic discourse.

On the death of Rob Ford and mourning abusive men

Rob Ford is dead. The former Toronto mayor died of cancer this morning, at 46 years old. According to news reports and social media, we are in mourning, as always, expected to politely and respectfully honour men when they pass, even if they were bad men.

Rob Ford was a bad man.



There’s no new government

I said:

I think this election is the same old system with newer technology. The rich pay people to control the social media – the same people that controlled old media. There is nothing new under the sun, the emperor only gets new clothes every 100 years or so.

The founders of the United States designed a system in which voters elected smart people and those smart people ran the country. They called it a republic.Over time, money corrupted the system. Rich people became the real power. The rich controlled the media, and that was enough to control the minds of voters. Let’s call that system a type of “economic fascism.” By that I mean the real power is the top 1% (as opposed to one dictator) and the rest of the country has no real power.

Source: Social Media is the New Government | Scott Adams Blog

American Spring — Life Learning 

I don’t agree that this election/selection is much different from the others, just one with new technology.

A one party system ran the United States, and the United States ran the world. The US had checks and balances — governing required consensus, and the people were freed from kings. To protect speech, the framers left out a rule against conspiracies to monopolize the vote.

Source: American Spring — Life Learning — Medium

Canada’s bad for business

NHL hockey is in the entertainment business, and Canadian teams winning is bad for American TV business. That’s not a theory, that’s a conspiracy fact.

Last week, to great fanfare, preliminary rosters for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey were unveiled. And as usual, Team Canada stood out as being ridiculously stacked, boasting so much talent that the biggest story were the perennial All-Stars who wouldn’t make the cut.It was a nice moment for Canadian fans, one where they could feel good about the nation’s hockey prowess. Then the NHL regular season resumed, and those feelings immediately vanished. Because as a glance at this year’s standings will confirm, Canada’s NHL teams are terrible.

Source: Why are Canada’s NHL teams so bad this season? The conspiracy theories explored | Sport | The Guardian

Guidance counsellors don’t guide well

More money is all we hear from the public service. As we slowly externalize our jobs as parents, we realise we have to give up more of our income to “experts” or technocrats. We are living in a technocratic fascistic state, to be sure. It’s not coming, it’s already here (fascism does not mean Hitler, it means the merging of governments and corporations into one entity).

My recent experience is guidance counsellors are not all that effective at all. Why would a child in elementary school need one? Are parents completely left out or useless?

Workers spread too thin at a time when focus is on mental health, advocacy group, People for Education, warns

Source: Guidance counsellors ‘missing completely’ from most elementary schools: Report | Toronto Star

Busting the germ theory

In 1973 Dr. D. Powles observed: “The major contributing factor toward improved health over the past 200 years has been improved nutrition. Nearly 90% of the total decline in the death rate in children between 1860 and 1965 due to whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria and measles occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization against diphtheria” (Powles, 1973).

Epidemiologist Dr. G.T. Stewart made a similar statement which was reported in Lancet of May 18,1968; and prior to this Sir Robert McCarrison, the great English physician, wrote:

“Obsessed with the invisible microbe, virus, protozoa as all important excitants of disease, subservient to laboratory methods of diagnosis, hidebound by our system of nomenclature, we often forget the most fundamental of all rules for the physician, that the right kind of food (nutrition) is the most important single factor in the promotion of health and the wrong kind of food the most important single factor in the promotion of disease” (McCarrison, 1936).



Great call on the modern utopia known as subdivisions.

John and myself(Chris) have another excellent discussion with returning guest, Dr. Hans Utter. We discuss; American Dreamscape-Tom Martinson, American Eden-Wade Graham,Crabgrass Frontier-Kenneth T. Jackson,Modernism,Suburbia,Architecture,Scientism, Alienation, Institutionalism,Embodied Cognition

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