Trudeau is offside 

Boy wonder might be on the wrong side of a big wave. 

It’s way too early to guess how this will turn out, but it’s becoming clear that Justin Trudeau now leads a government in crisis.

It’s not a crisis Trudeau made, but he’s stuck with it. How he responds will go far toward making or breaking his career as prime minister.

Afghanistan war all about lithium 

Watch this video

… and put the puzzle pieces together for why the USA occupies Afghanistan and probably will forever.


Just this month, American geologists working with the Pentagon team have been conducting ground surveys on dry salt lakes in western Afghanistan where they believe there are large deposits of lithium. Pentagon officials said that their initial analysis at one location in Ghazni Province showed the potential for lithium deposits as large of those of Bolivia, which now has the world’s largest known lithium reserves.

Here’s someone who says oil isn’t going anywhere:

Just this. Automobility — and conferences of its ilk — are supposedly the automobile industry’s best foot forward, where the brightest minds in the business meet to discuss and, yes, argue about what the future of personal transportation five, 10 and even 20 years hence might look like. That’s what they’re supposed to be.

Exempting your child from vaccinations in Ontario

They don’t make it easy, but it can be done.

Fill in this form and then find a Commissioner of Oaths and give him at least $20 and your child won’t be expelled from school.

After reviewing all the anti-vax info on this site, it’s hard to believe anyone would let them inject their child with toxins.

Source: Ontario Central Forms Repository – Form Identification

More Scott Adams audio 

Love this guy. 

Scott Adams (cartoonist) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his journey creating the comic strip Dilbert, his views on Trump’s tactics, Hillary’s persuasion game, and the Alt Right.

* Duration: 1:13h

* Published: 2016-09-02 12:00:00 PM

* Episode Download Link (68 MB):

* Show Notes:

* Episode Feed: The Rubin Report –

Tats and piercings are dangerous 

I’ve always thought this. 

Regarding the tattooing/piercing craze, it is promoted in part because it promotes disease.

In “Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You” Roger Bezanis started wondering if an Acupuncture point could be destroyed or continually stimulated if punctured via piercing. 

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