15 minute cities – c40

It’s happening fast.

They don’t have long before people wake up and catch on.

In the WEF’s own words — this rearrangement of cities is absolutely about climate change:
As climate change and global conflict cause shocks and stresses at faster intervals and increasing severity, the 15-minute city will become even more critical.


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Impossible EVs

Electric cars are a pipe dream for most at their current prices.

The only thing they do really well is not pollute directly in your face.

Is this enough to force them onto the public, since the economics don’t work?

Based on your graph, how much per gallon will the two be equal? $20/gallon? I’m too lazy to work it out, but whatever that price is, expect to see it before too long.
Once they have a few people left driving, it will become impossible to drive due to Agenda 21 SDGs – part of the EcoFascist plan.
They HAVE a plan – the sooner people read it, the sooner it could end.

Source: Comments – price of gasoline too high? buy an EV!

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Earth Day pagans

Earth Day, first designated as an annual event in 1970, has origins that go back to ancient forms of paganism. For instance, nature worship or “earth religion” includes forms of paganism, such as “animism” (a worldview that all animals and plants have a spirit), “Wicca” (worship of earth mother goddess by magic), and “druidism” (the natural world is synonymous with divinity). According to Refinery 29, Earth Day is a “sacred holiday” and “a chance for Pagans to show gratitude to nature.” In that sense, “every day is Earth Day,” Pagan author Deborah Blake claimed.


Measure Twice: Sizing Europe’s Natural Gas Crisis

How much gas does Europe buy from Russia? Most estimates peg the annual amount to about 155 billion cubic meters. There are 35.3 cubic feet in a cubic meter, and there are 365 days in a year, thus Europe has a 15 bcf/d gap to fill by turning off the Russian spigot [(155 x 35.3)/365 = 15 bcf/d].


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All vehicles should be plug in hybrids

I have two if them with 400,000km and testify that they work.

Finally, the President should work with the automotive industry to pivot from a focus on full battery electric vehicles (BEVs) to plugin hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) instead. There simply aren’t enough battery materials available to support the conversion of a substantial portion of our automotive fleet to full electric. If battery materials are the constraint, we must manage to that constraint. On a gallon of fuel abated per kWh of battery basis, PHEVs are far superior to full BEVs – the math is undeniable.


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How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World : The Corbett Report

Oil. The 19th century was transformed by it. The 20th century was shaped by it. And the 21st century is moving beyond it. But who gave birth to the oil industry? What have they done with the immense wealth and power that it has granted them? And what are they planning to do with that power in a post-carbon world? This is the remarkable true story of the oiligarchs and the world they have created.


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Fertility crash

This is the biggest problem of the modern world – and will continue to be so until robots get really good.

The article itself is loaded with insight, and I will offer just one gleaned therefrom and offer one criticism: In the United States, fertility rates have dropped from 2.12 children per woman to 1.72 today, and this has happened in the last 13 years. Such a rapid decline is dangerous and unprecedented. Most of the 5,700 words are centered around economics, but the United States is not alone – Hispanics are right there with us, Mexico experiencing a similar decline. The situation in South Korea is critical.

Source: Millennials: Stop your moping, start reproducing! – Piece of Mindful

Is there nothing the climate change hoaxers won’t link to their cause or religion?

For those of us binge-watching TV shows, installing new smartphone apps or sharing family photos on social media over the holidays, it may seem like an abstract predicament.


Save the Planet! File share with torrents!

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