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Steven KeltnerWrites The Narrow Road ·Apr 27Liked by Doomberg
So we are converting fossil fuels into cooking oil (via fertilizer and the production and operation of farm machinery and oil manufacturing equipment) in order to convert cooking oil into diesel that we pretend didn’t come from fossil fuels, all while starving a bunch of poor people. Brilliant!

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Unacceptable FakeologistWrites Fakeologist’s Newsletter ·just now
I think they are counting on people getting lost in the very circuitous trip back to the beginning.


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The truth about alternative energy

Alternative energy isoke controlled opposition in the truth industry.

Sponsored by one of my favorites controlled ops Michael Moore.

What if alternative energy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? That’s the provocative question explored in the documentary “Planet of the Humans,” which is backed and promoted by filmmaker Michael Moore and directed by one of his longtime collaborators. It premiered last week at his Traverse City Film Festival.


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Oops electric cars Congo catastrophe

Not good if true.

Almost every big motor manufacturer striving to produce millions of electric vehicles buys its cobalt from the impoverished central African state. It is the world’s biggest producer, with 60 per cent of the planet’s reserves.


No wonder the US is moving into the DRC.

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Coal was banned because it was too efficient and cheap 

The real reason coal was banned was because it’s almost 100% efficient and the energy fraudsters couldn’t make any money. 

This report doesn’t even mention acid rain, which was the biggest propaganda part of coal’s ouster. 

Ontario’s hell-bent determination to phase out coal-fired generation raised electricity rates without significantly improving air pollution levels, a new Fraser Institute report says


Afghanistan war all about lithium 

Watch this video https://youtu.be/Kxryv2XrnqM

… and put the puzzle pieces together for why the USA occupies Afghanistan and probably will forever.


Just this month, American geologists working with the Pentagon team have been conducting ground surveys on dry salt lakes in western Afghanistan where they believe there are large deposits of lithium. Pentagon officials said that their initial analysis at one location in Ghazni Province showed the potential for lithium deposits as large of those of Bolivia, which now has the world’s largest known lithium reserves.


Here’s someone who says oil isn’t going anywhere:


Just this. Automobility — and conferences of its ilk — are supposedly the automobile industry’s best foot forward, where the brightest minds in the business meet to discuss and, yes, argue about what the future of personal transportation five, 10 and even 20 years hence might look like. That’s what they’re supposed to be.

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