Corporation nation

No doubt who won this “debate”.

I think Clint has this setup we call Civilization all figured out.

Does he have the ultimate get out of jail free card?

Episode 231 is a debate between Clint
Richardson and Mark Stevens, titled: “Anarchy: A Modern Fallacy?”. This episode is being released Thursday, June 11, 2015, and was recorded June 9. This episode is also part of the Slaves Anonymous show. Clint Richardson returns for his 10th time. Clint is a primary researcher, writer, radio personality, and film-maker specializing in the audited Annual Financial Statements (CAFR) of the corporate government (municipal corporations) and its ownership stock i

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* Published: 2015-06-11 3:37:46 PM

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Fred on Scientism

We talk a great deal about scientism on

Here’s Fred’s take.

On the Unz Review I find a piece by Razib Khan, Can a Religious Person be a Good Scientist? His answer, yes, is inarguable since, as he points out, many good scientists are religious (Newton, a Christian, by most accounts did pretty fair work.) But why should it be necessary to ask such a luminously foolish question?

Because we live in luminously foolish times. Mr. Khan cites, not approvingly, a scientist who wanted to have another dismissed from his position for being an evangelical Christian. Why? Well, you see, the manner of thinking of religious people renders them incapable of science.