Christine Anderson Doesn’t Support Fascism, Pierre Poilievre demonstratively Does.

Hate speech is anything the official government party line disagrees with.

So the vile views atributed to Christine Anderson by Mr Poilievre is that she is racist and hateful and her views are not welcome in Canada. This has since been amplified by the CBC on his behalf

Buying the politicians

Pfizer Lobbyists Claim Responsibility For Installing Ford and O’Toole Into Current Positions – Canuck Law

A serious question: when someone helps install a politician into a position of power, and then becomes a lobbyist, are any “favours” then expected of said politician?

Biden out of control political theater

Quite awkwardly and bizarrely, and a mere minutes after multiple headlines hit which emphasized that Biden just called for regime change in Russia with the words “this man cannot remain in power” in reference to Putin, the White House is seeking to clarify that supposedly it was “not” a call for regime change:

Source: Biden Says “Butcher” Putin “Cannot Remain In Power” In Call For Regime Change In Russia | ZeroHedge

May we remind Biden of this EO going back a few presidents:

Executive Order 12333 – Wikipedia

Part 2.11 of this executive order reiterates a proscription on US intelligence agencies sponsoring or carrying out an assassination. It reads:[5]

No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination.

Previously, EO 11905 (Gerald Ford) had banned political assassinations and EO 12036 (Jimmy Carter) had further banned indirect U.S. involvement in assassinations.[6] As early as 1998, this proscription against assassination was reinterpreted, and relaxed, for targets who are classified by the United States as connected to terrorism.[7][8]