Metooing John Derringer

How does a money losing, declining business get rid of its top expense (performer?)

Call in the #metoo brigade.

Derringer may have been an asshole but that’s probably what made him the best in his class.

Snowflakes can’t have it both ways.

Tyrants are interesting and that’s how they get to the top.

Derringer may be one of the few who can monetize a podcast – which is all he will be able to do after being fired.

Toronto Mike

May 24, 2022: John Derringer – Tool Of The Day

2022-05-24 by Humble and Fred

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Today we deal with disgraced broadcaster John Derringer / Jacqui Delaney reveals her experiences with disgraced broadcaster John Derringer / Humble and Fred wonder how many Derringer enablers are squirming today / Our friend Andrew Krystal is dead – we pay tribute

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson on Ukraine

The Daily Nationalist: The End of the G20? – DN 042122

2022-04-21 by (Unknown)

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Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson discuss the collapse and split of the G20. The G7 was created to represent the most wealthy economies of the world, yet India may now be dropped from its meeting for supporting Russia. The G20 has Russia as a member, yet the US are demanding Russia be expelled, only half the G20 are BRICS countries allied with Russia. The G7 is also not capable of entirely cutting Russia out, as they rely upon her for gas and oil. Already the public in Britain are starting to reject the idea of paying more for fuel in order to ‘punish’ Putin. Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson The Daily Nationalist: The End of the G20? – DN 042122 Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 audio. Here is a link to the audio instead. Download The Daily Nationalist will be back on Radio Albion tomorrow at 12pm EDT/5pm BST. See the daily radio schedule for more ethnocentric audio to download Join the chatroom and follow the feed Add this; to your DAB player to listen to Radio Albion Click for new Shoutcast player We can accept donations sent to this bitcoin wallet identifier: 1L8orB31d6Bu1fymUgcWN3ByoedL6bNaM2 We can also accept Etherium to this wallet: 0xDfD578999B6FBc1F9e31574a48096209166F7589 Radio Albion on Gab Subscribe in a reader Radio Albion Full Screen Player Low-Quality Radio Albion Full Screen Player Hi-Quality Radio Albion Android Player Low-Quality Radio Albion Android Player Hi-Quality Subscribe to our Atom Feed

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Why is Russia the enemy?

TBR History Hour – Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

2022-04-22 by The Realist Report

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On this edition of TBR History Hour, we’re joined by independent historian and author Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, a regular contributor to The Barnes Review and host of The Orthodox Nationalist podcast program on Radio Albion. Dr. Johnson and I begin by discussing the history of Western intransigence and treachery towards Russia before highlighting his recently published article on the Russo-Japanese War in the March/April 2022 edition of The Barnes Review. We move on to assess the situation in Ukraine and address the numerous angles involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Subscribe to The Barnes Review today!

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The vatican’s war on inequality

Chief in the crosshairs is the white Protestant Christian male .

Ep 214: Two Things that Terrify Me About the Vatican’s Science & Medicine Worship Conference

2021-04-21 by myincredibleopinion

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The Vatican is hosting a massive conference in a few weeks called “Unite To Prevent & Unite To Cure: Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul” and I’m going to go ahead and spoil the ending for you—no hymns will be sung, there’ll be no altar call, and I will be very surprised if a single prayer is uttered. Speakers at the conference include Frances Collins, head of the National Institutes of Health, Tony Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, Deepak Chopra, Cindy Crawford, and Aerosmith guitarist, Joe Perry, among many, many others. You may be wondering why the Vatican, of all things, is hosting such a conference. I think I know why, and if you consider yourself a Christian, it should concern every one of you—Catholic or not.

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Marriage- A covenant between man & woman. Anything else will destroy a nation

Ep 222: Marriage. A covenant between man & woman and nothing else. Why is that?

Things started to fall apart when women were allowed to vote.

2021-06-02 by myincredibleopinion

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Marriage is a covenant, promise, and relationship between a man and a woman. Anything else is not marriage and I want to explain why.

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Ep 221: Boys Who Aren’t Taught To Love Their Country Won’t Fight For Their Country

Why the Western world as we know it is done – all on purpose.

Ep 221: Boys Who Aren’t Taught To Love Their Country Won’t Fight For Their Country

2021-05-31 by myincredibleopinion

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Boys who aren’t taught to fight for their country won’t fight for their country.

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Moore says Bloomberg is a terrorist

The only thing these two have in common is their first name.

Ep. 39: Bloomberg And His Own “Kids In Cages”

2020-02-19 by Michael Moore

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Michael Bloomberg’s commandeering of the 2020 Democratic party nomination campaign is a dangerous moment for the party and the country. If Democrats give in, it will have horrific consequences. Michael Moore lays out the truth of Bloomberg’s record and how support for Bloomberg is an endorsement of the Trumpian values we claim to have been resisting.

The Trumpian Liberalism of Michael Bloomberg By Jamelle Bouie
Michael Bloomberg Puts Democrats in Moral Peril
By Osita Nwanevu
Michael Bloomberg’s Polite Authoritarianism
He never hid his callous indifference to civil liberties; too many people just didn’t care.
By Alex Pareene

A Republican Plutocrat Tries To Buy The Democratic Nomination
No Democrat should consider Michael Bloomberg as a candidate.
By Nathan Robinson

As Bloomberg rises, Democrats are stumbling toward disaster
By Greg Sargent

Why Is Bloomberg’s Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass?
By Laura Bassett

Mike Bloomberg for years has battled women’s allegations of profane, sexist comments
************ Photo: Rudy, Trump, Bloomberg, Clinton
Video: Blankfein, Bloomberg & Snyder ************* — Send in a voice message:

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