#4TalkBox РTrump vs. F@ck Trump 

Roch3llo and K talk about the emotional effects of the recent elections.

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* Published: 2016-11-10 11:12:00 PM

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The Infectious Myth – Dr. Malcolm Kendrick on the Cholesterol Myth

David talks with British GP Malcolm Kendrick about the many myths of modern medicine, starting with the cholesterol myth and the recommendation for a low fat diet. Later the conversation veers into other myths that allopathic medicine promulgates but that Kendrick opposes.

* Duration: 59:01

* Published: 2017-01-17 3:38:41 PM

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Coal was banned because it was too efficient and cheap 

The real reason coal was banned was because it’s almost 100% efficient and the energy fraudsters couldn’t make any money. 

This report doesn’t even mention acid rain, which was the biggest propaganda part of coal’s ouster. 

Ontario’s hell-bent determination to phase out coal-fired generation raised electricity rates without significantly improving air pollution levels, a new Fraser Institute report says


SMOM-The Knights of Malta are a state? 

Fun when an ancient power that no one has heard of gets into the MSM. 

The Order of Malta has many trappings of a sovereign state. It issues its own stamps, passports and license plates and holds diplomatic relations with 106 states, the Holy See included.


Bill Bunting on the Civil War truth 

Good audio. I don’t know much about the US civil war but I’m sure what we are told isn’t true. 

Bill Bunting’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/464wbbs I have Bill Bunting joining me today, as planned, and we are going to be looking at the #BLMKidnapping and now the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting. Lift the Veil: http://twitter.com/lifttheveil411 Support LtV: http://paypal.me/lifttheveil http://facebook.com/lifttheveil lifttheveil411@gmail.com FREE Report: How to Get Started with Bitcoin http://activistpost.com/bitcoin

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Jesse Ventura is back 

Governor Jesse Ventura (actor and author) joins Dave Rubin to discuss his new book “Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto,” as well as his views on Trump, Hillary, Bernie, Immigration, and conspiracy theories.  

* Duration: 45:25

* Published: 2016-09-09 11:56:22 AM

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