Mayor of Chestermere Alberta lowers taxes and exposes corruption and gets removed

Corruption in Canada? An astounding case study.

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Clinton cash foundation … Before you vote

Wow what a foundation… Interesting interview on how corrupt these Arkancider’s are. 

In episode 115 David interviews Charles Ortel, an investment researcher, who has called the Clinton Foundation a giant financial scam. He claims that the financial reports of the organization are not transparent, and his research supports the idea that donors to the foundation are doing it in order to get political favors, not because they want to solve the problems of AIDS, poverty or climate change. And, in fact, his research shows that not much of the money raised is actually going into progr

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Understanding the Bank of Canada

Trudeau 1 brought in private bank lending and interest to finance Canada Inc ‘s budget. What will Trudeau 2 do?

So, around 1974, the Government of Canada began to borrow all of the monies to cover its shortfalls from the private sector at interest rather than creating money through the Bank of Canada interest-free. In other words, since 1974, the Bank of Canada has not been acting in the best interest of its shareholders: the people of Canada.

The interest we pay daily to bankers is obscene.

In 2011, alone, Canadian taxpayers paid the private banks an estimated $37.7 billion to service the federal debt—over $103 million each and every day of the year!

Norway’s no utopia

Publicly searchable tax returns? Yikes!

Worse, Norway has a 25% HST, which includes a 15% value-added tax on groceries. There are also local taxes and social security levies. Plus, Norway has a 1.1% wealth tax – which clicks in at the $130,000 mark – on top of income and sales taxes. In total, the average middle-class Norwegian family (there are no other kinds, of course) pays about $70,000 a year to the state. For that they get Canadian-style health care, free education and subsidized child care.

Norwegians also surrender privacy. The state publishes everyone’s tax return online in a searchable database, complete with birth dates and place of residence. This database also includes the net worth of all citizens, which must be real handy if you are into fraud.


What powers Ontario?

Ok, so we know nuclear power is a hoax. The last coal plant will be off soon. We have unreliable and unstable wind and solar that supplies no base-load power. So what do we have left here? My theory is that western and central Ontario relies on Niagara Falls (hydro) and gas plants plus drawing from the US’ coal plants. Eastern and northern Ontario draws upon Quebec’s hydro grid.

For all that, we have a massive, unresponsive huge fraud that is Ontario Hydro. Forget all the scandals and side shows, they are simply distractions. They distract from the main meme I wish to promote here: Ontarians are at the center of one of the biggest energy hoaxes of all time, and will soon pay for it big time. As our provincial debt fraud goes up, in part due to Ontario Hydro, the day will come in our children’s lifetimes that the plug will be pulled on all the subsidies. Those that ripped us off will be long gone.

Chiarelli spoke at a news conference held to announce closure of the Lambton coal-fired electricity plant, which produced its last kilowatt Sept. 20.

It had been slated to close by the end of the year. That leaves the Nanticoke plant – due to close by Dec. 31 – and the Thunder Bay station – due to close by the end of 2014 – as the last coal-burning stations in the province.

via Chiarelli dumps on coal, ducks on nuclear | Toronto Star.

My other thinking on the fraud is this: those that control our energy policy all control the opposition. This is important: the only way those that are hoaxing us would allow the coal to be shut down (since they do need to keep us powered to keep the masses from revolting) is if they have another real method of powering available. That appears to be natural gas. So, those that yell and scream to get the coal plants shut are possibly legitimate organizations that are funded by the alternative energy companies, such as natural gas.

I am sure the acid rain science is as fraudulent as global warming. After all, the US still pounds out the coal exhaust, and where does our weather come from in Ontario? The Gulf Stream of course! All our moisture travels up the Ohio Valley from the Gulf. carrying all the US coal exhaust.  Therefore Ontario closing its coal plants does nothing to change the atmosphere. We are simply a willing host to the fakery. I assume it’s because we have one controlling body for electricity and they are therefore easier to control as a single entity.

How has acid rain suddenly disappeared? SARS, AIDS, global cooling, warming – how can they all get solved so quickly or at least disappear off the public’s radar? Simple: they are swindles and hoaxes, relying on the public’s minuscule media memory.