How the UN, WEF, WHO, Globalist Totalitarian Regime came to Canada

Here’s the evidence. How WEF climate change carbon taxes, WHO public health tyranny and other global agendas came to Canada.

A walk through history, how Canada was restructured to fit within a global framework of tyranny of unelected organizations controlled by global elites seeking to rule over Canada, Western Democracies and the World as a whole. 

Unsettling and Landback

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Plan 75 – Canada is Plan XX

Plan 75 is a 2022 drama film directed by Chie Hayakawa [ja], starring Chieko Baisho, Hayato Isomura and Stefanie Arianne. In a dystopian alternate reality, the Japanese government creates a program called “Plan 75” that offers free euthanasia services to all Japanese citizens 75 and older in order to deal with its rapidly aging population.

Source: Plan 75 – Wikipedia

Canada is leading the pack and has the steepest curve on helping people exit this cold, declining country.

The number of Canadians ending their lives through medically assisted death has grown at a speed that outpaces every other nation in the world.

As Canada is poised to expand eligibility criteria under medical assistance in dying (MAID) legislation, data from all 11 countries where the controversial end-of-life treatment exists shows Canada is the fastest-growing adopter in history, an analysis by the Investigative Journalism Bureau and the Toronto



Carbon tax is a human tax

Right now my small house pays $21 out of $150 in carbon tax to heat for a cold March.

In 2030 that will be 3x or $60.

This is as the natural gas price is in freefall – as we have unlimited supply and really just pay to get it into our homes.

They tax anything they can’t control the price of and limit.

The tax is to fund Agenda 21 and the SDGs, which will cost 8 trillion a year worldwide.

It was a dark winter

Toronto literally had a dark winter – my solar panels told me so. Between cloud cover and snow cover of the panels, their production was sad.

Combine that with flaky wind power, we can see that wind and solar are no substitute for combustibles.

Getting ridding of gas and coal is economic suicide, which of course is what the obsoelite want for North America

Happier than usual to get out of Ontario’s winter gloom this year? This new data may shed light on why

Why natural gas is amazing

Never once do you hear of gas companies asking you to reduce gas consumption for the “greater good”.

You do however hear of monopoly utilities calling for voluntary reduction or even forced reduction if you have a “smart” thermostat.

This is why they want all gas banned in the name of their false CO2 god. It’s for one reason only: control.

My guess is that there is a technical reason why you cannot have a “smart” gas meter to regulate gas use – otherwise we’d have one by now stopping you from using one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to heat your house in this frostbitten country they call Canada.

Hydro-Québec is asking its customers to take a few steps to reduce electricity consumption in Quebec as a period of intense cold weather began Thursday night in most regions. The utility predicts that on Friday and Saturday, electricity demand could exceed the historical peak consumption, which was about 40,500 megawatts (MW) in January 2022. Extremely cold temperatures will test the ability of buildings to retain heat, which will increase heating demand across Quebec.

Source: Hydro-Quebec asks customers to reduce electricity consumption | CTV News