The CCP/China Inc. is draining Canada

China has been in BC, Canada for years building a pipeline to drain out our oil. Do Canadians get any benefit?

No Canadian labor, no Canadian materials, no Canadian ships and a UAE owned port.

Wonder how long the USA will put up with having an enemy? army so close to its border.

All this going down in Prince Rupert with reporting from Patrick King.

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China leaves everyone else in the 5G dust

It’s no wonder our leaders want to turn us into a China. Dictatorships are soooo efficient.

Techies can argue C band versus millimeter waves but I will bet that the Chinese, nothing if not commercially agile, will have Five G up and running in factories and the IoT and everywhere else while American pols rattle on about how China is an Existential Threat and the Pentagon needs more money for Space Command and diversity is more important than schooling anyway.

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