Understanding the Bank of Canada

Trudeau 1 brought in private bank lending and interest to finance Canada Inc ‘s budget. What will Trudeau 2 do?

So, around 1974, the Government of Canada began to borrow all of the monies to cover its shortfalls from the private sector at interest rather than creating money through the Bank of Canada interest-free. In other words, since 1974, the Bank of Canada has not been acting in the best interest of its shareholders: the people of Canada.

The interest we pay daily to bankers is obscene.

In 2011, alone, Canadian taxpayers paid the private banks an estimated $37.7 billion to service the federal debt—over $103 million each and every day of the year!

Comer vs. Regina

I’m not too sure what to think of this whole issue, but I think that having a public bank lend to Canada is better than a private bank.

This is what this lawsuit is all about, apparently.

Lawyer Rocco Galiti addressing a meeting of The Committee on Monetary & Economic Reform (COMER) on the status of their case against the Bank of Canada Canadian constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, on behalf of Canadians

VW scandal was a coup d’etat

It’s hard to understand why VW would fall on its own sword-they admitted they “faked” emission tests with a software switch. So why would they turn themselves in?

Is this a case of being occupied with outside board members who were told to sabotage VW? Was this an engineered coup-d’etat?

My guess is yes. The TDI clean diesel is probably the most efficient clean engine ever made. It has ability to be a market changer, and American car companies are not willing to take the chance that Americans might catch on and overcome their long standing aversion to noisy, smelly, and low torque views of diesel engines.

Better to bring out this old news of car companies (yes, all of them) “cheating” on their emission and mileage tests and nip the world’s #1 automaker in the bud before it takes off.

After all, Germany is occupied by America for a reason. Why would people think their big car companies are any different?

Ontario launches investigation of Volkswagen Canada and Audi Canada over international scandal involving diesel cars emissions

Source: Ontario VW owners could be forced off road without clean-up | Toronto Star