KILL GATES: Dead Presidents, Globalist Warlords And Vaxx Genocide

KILL GATES: Dead Presidents, Globalist Warlords And Vaxx Genocide 🗓️ 2024-05-23 • 🕑 01:22:56 • 📁 2.0 GB Podcast: The Dollar Vigilante on Odysee Author: The Dollar Vigilante Web player: Episode: Another WZO-foe bites the dust, more Instant Karma, and Aids For Everyone! Plus, there’s a New Bill in town calling for culling humanity with a deadly pandemic. Crypto Vigilante Subscription Contest: Limited Time, FREE trial to The Dollar Vigilante Newsletter: The Vigilante Insider’s Club (VIC) membership | Get our FREE newsletter | Subscribe to TDV | FREE TDV Public Telegram Group | (Join the discourse) Subscribe to TCV | Become An Affiliate and earn money with TDV | Buy My Book, “The Controlled Demolition of The American Empire” | ***** Follow us on these platforms ***** | LBRY | Odysee | Bitchute | 153 News | Brighteon | Rumble | TikTok | Beware of scams. All our official channels are listed here | ***** Connect with us on social media ***** The Dollar Vigilante Twitter | The Crypto Vigilante Twitter | Lucy on Twitter | Jeff on Twitter | ***** Sources for this video ***** TDV Free Trial: Crypto Vigilante Subscription Contest: Intro vid:

Keith Harmon Snow on the Rwandan genocide myths

Are the Tutsies the Jews of Africa? Are they using the genocide narrative to commit their own atrocities?

Keith Harmon Snow on the Rwandan genocide myths 🗓️ 2024-04-22 • 🕑 01:21:05 • 📁 2.9 GB Podcast: Jerm Warfare on Odysee Author: Jerm Warfare Web player: Episode: Award-winning photojournalist Keith Harmon Snow breaks apart the mainstream myth(s) of the Rwandan genocide. What actually happened was a violent coup d’état with Western backing, led by Paul Kagame. – Full breakdown: – Join our tribe:

Judgment is Coming – Vox Popoli

The leaders of the USA have rejected God… and divine judgment will follow.President Biden has declared tomorrow—Easter Sunday—as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This once again shows how little respect President Biden and his administration have for God. On the most significant day of the Christian calendar, when the Church around the world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ who died and shed His blood for the sins of mankind, the Biden administration uses this opportunity to flaunt sin, to glor

Source: Judgment is Coming – Vox Popoli

A Few Thoughts on Usury – Vox Popoli

A Few Thoughts on Usury First, it’s necessary to define usury, which is not synonymous with either “loan” or “interest”, although unsurprisingly, the modern definition has been corrupted and is incorrect. The American Heritage defines it thusly: The practice of lending money and charging the borrower interest, especially at an exorbitant or illegally high rate. An excessive or illegally high rate of interest charged on borrowed money. Interest charged or paid on a loan.

Source: A Few Thoughts on Usury – Vox Popoli

Rehabilitating Nelson Mandela

Aug. 31, 2023 “Real History” with Melissa (Podcast): “Ep. 33 – South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders” 🗓️ 2023-08-31 • 🕑 01:36:32 • 📁 46 MB Podcast: Real History with Melissa Podcast (.rss Format) Author: CTTM   (  & ) Web player: Episode: –{ “Ep. 33 – South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders”}– Darin from S. Africa, Joined by Joanne who Helps Farm Killing Activist, Petrus Sitho – Petrus Unable to Join the Conversation – Joanne Teaches English to Chinese Children – Joanne Knew a Couple Who Were Killed in a Farm Attack – Violence in Pietermaritzburg – Joanne Finished High School the Same Year Apartheid Ended, Raised by a Black Domestic Worker, Played with her Child – Growing Up, Had Little Understanding of the Reality of Apartheid – History of Tension  and Violence Between Xhosa and Zulu – Shaka Zulu – Nelson Mandela, uMkhonto we Sizwe, the Paramilitary Branch of the African National Congress (ANC) – Winnie Mandela’s Involvement in Kidnap of Four Youths, Death of Stompie – Winnie Mandela and Hillary Clinton – The Horrible Vigilante Execution Method of Necklacing, “Tire, Petrol, Matches” – Watching and Celebrating Public Executions – Death by Panga (Machete) – Rwanda Genocide – Racism – Julius Malema, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), “Kill the Boer” – Nelson Mandela Would Never Renounce Violence – Ramaphosa – Darin Talks About Warranted Violence by Blacks Under Apartheid – Liam Neeson on Rage Over a Rape, Racism – How Marxism Uses Race, Critical Race Theory (CRT) – Alan Watt on Blending Communism and Capitalism, Public-Private (Fascism) – Petrus Sitho Feels Called by God to Bring Awareness to South Africa’s Farm Killings – Crowdfunding for Petrus – The Recent Trip  Petrus Took to Protest at BRICS – Petrus Receives Many Death Threats, “I’ve Got Your Necklace for You.” – Spread the Word about Petrus’ Efforts and Farm Killings.

China builds, USA destroys

The anti-China propaganda hides the reality of the amazing infrastructure that is being built around the world.

Brian Berletic on the Belt And Road Initiative 🗓️ 2023-08-14 • 🕑 44:12 • 📁 87 MB Podcast: Jerm Warfare Author: Jerm Web player: Episode: The Belt And Road Initiative (BRI), also known as the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, is a massive global infrastructure development project proposed by the Chinese government. Brian Berletic broke apart the initiative and explained what it means for the rest of the world. Full description Support my work View my sponsors Subscribe to my War Report