Food Riots In Sri Lanka Turn Deadly As Protesters Beat Up Police, Burn Down Politicians’ Houses

Canadian protests are nothing compared those on Ceylon.

Daftari is right, and not just about Iran (and Iraq), but also Sri Lanka, where protesters angry at the soaring prices of everyday commodities including food, have burned down homes belonging to 38 politicians as the crisis-hit country plunged further into chaos, with the government ordering troops to “shoot on sight.”

Police in the island nation said Tuesday that in addition to the destroyed homes, 75 others have been damaged as angry Sri Lankans continue to defy a nationwide curfew to protest against what they say is the government’s mishandling of the country’s worst economic crisis since 1948.

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Global NATO Threatens China

Lunatics fully in charge of the west right now.

Does it make sense to want to escape to Russia right now?

This proposal floated by the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom may be one of the most shortsighted, suicidal geopolitical visions ever articulated in the written history of Man, as the West is rapidly being replaced by the growing power of the NorthEast.

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On the Anniversary of FDR’s Death: As He Saw It Revisited

Today’s Anniversary of the death of American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt should give the world a chance to revisit the immortal life and courage of the man whom decades of revisionism have turned into a popular aristocratic cartoon character. The decades of intense of effort to distort the life of the true Roosevelt from the minds of todays’ citizens has much to do with the fact that not only did he break from his own class loyalties during his lifetime, but powerfully challenged the structures of the financial oligarchy during a time of global crisis

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The great pretenders

Each of us, in our daily lives, pretends. Conceals the truth. Fakes emotions. We live in a counterfeit society, so we become counterfeit, too. It’s gone well beyond the pretenses of the past. “You look great in that dress!” “No, you haven’t gained any weight!” “You’re not losing your hair!”

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They’ve had the digital ID ready for a while

H/t Topochico

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Pinto story

Wonder what the real story behind Ralph Nadar is – did the Japanese help fund him to bring in the demise of the American auto industry?

My first new car was a 1971 Pinto. Calling it an “excellent car” is a stretch! Mine had the optional 2.3 liter engine and manual transmission. I enjoyed driving it and the 29mpg turned out to be useful during the 1973–74 OPEC oil embargo.

At a base price of $1919, car was very basic (with the larger engine and radio, the cost was $2300). No carpet. No AC. Optional AM radio. Barely usable rear seat. The interior light came on when the driver’s door was opened but not when the passenger door was opened (no sensor switch on that side).

It got me through graduate school until it was rear-ended. I was happy to upgrade to something more comfortable (a 1976 Oldsmobile Starfire with 3.8 liter V6, 5 speed manual transmission, AC, AM/FM radio) for $5600.

The lawsuits against the Pinto pushed by Ralph Nader’s PIRGs had no basis. They were able to convince some juries in civil suits but overreached when they reached criminal court (in Indiana, as I recall).

Executives of Ford faced criminal charges over alleged safety issues. The prosecutor produced his list of “expert witnesses” who all turned to be “consumer advocates.” In civil cases, a plaintiff can call his brother-in-law as an “expert.” In criminal cases, expert witnesses need actual credentials. In Indiana, expert witnesses needed to be certified PEs, that is, “professional engineers.” The prosecutor finally produced a retired GM PE with expertise in fuel system design. He was asked to compare the fuel system of the Pinto to two other cars of similar size. The final question posed to him by the defense was something like “in your professional opinion, which of these three cars had the safest overall fuel system.” The PE answered “Pinto.” The jury found the defendants not guilty. PIRG lawsuits against the Pinto faded away after that.

Ironically, consumers shied away from the Pinto because of the PIRG allegations. Many chose to buy the Honda Civic which turned out to be one of the most dangerous cars ever put on the road.

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