Ep 221: Boys Who Aren’t Taught To Love Their Country Won’t Fight For Their Country

Why the Western world as we know it is done – all on purpose.

Ep 221: Boys Who Aren’t Taught To Love Their Country Won’t Fight For Their Country

2021-05-31 by myincredibleopinion

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Boys who aren’t taught to fight for their country won’t fight for their country.

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Pulling out of the stock market

Needs big morality to get away from the markets.

I’ve touched upon this subject in my subscription newsletter, but I had no plans to write anything more until I got a note from a friend, mentioning a particular investment analyst and his views on investing over the next few years. I had to agree that it was brilliant analysis, but at the same time I knew that I’d never do anything about it, because I simply can’t bring myself to put money into “the markets” anymore.


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Implementing UBI will be a nightmare

So many unintended consequences that make its reality unlikely.

In response to the economic impact of the pandemic and lockdowns, the CERB was intended to replace lost income for Canadians. While the underlying logic is sound, the program’s flawed design left many Canadians better off than they were before the pandemic.

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Our houses could be making us ill

We get ill in winter since we’re stuck in our toxic, no sunlight bubbles for 6 months.

Yet another story about how it’s our chemical toxic environment that makes us ill, and not invasive pathogens.

Interesting that the chemical companies needed another place to sell their poisons when the war ended. They chose home manufacturing as one place.

Ep9: Carrigan Curtis

2020-11-03 by Dr. Tom Cowan

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Hi, everyone.

As winter approaches, I hope you are staying warm and have food and wood stacked for the coming months. Today we are posting an interview with Carrigan Curtis, who is a building biologist and Biogeometry practitioner. I have previously mentioned Biogeometry, a methodology for transmuting harmful energy waves into healthy energy patterns, but this is your chance to learn in a very simple way how Biogeometry works and how you can use it in your life. We also talked about what I consider the absolute best way to build a house, which is out of “moon wood.” It’s not, as I first thought, wood harvested from the moon (!), but tune in to discover its magic. Be well, Tom

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China leaves everyone else in the 5G dust

It’s no wonder our leaders want to turn us into a China. Dictatorships are soooo efficient.

Techies can argue C band versus millimeter waves but I will bet that the Chinese, nothing if not commercially agile, will have Five G up and running in factories and the IoT and everywhere else while American pols rattle on about how China is an Existential Threat and the Pentagon needs more money for Space Command and diversity is more important than schooling anyway.


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