Not Sparky Herring!

Sad end to a guy I used to correspond with in the BBS days.

Mary Frances Herring, who was married to Mr. Herring for 28 years, said her late husband was something of a computer whiz in his early years who secured the @Tennessee Twitter handle shortly after Twitter came online. Internet archivist Jason Scott says Herring was the creator of the successful software products Sparkware and QWIKMail; Scott has 2 hours worth of interviews with Herring from 20 years ago here.

Agenda 21 cities will look like this

Can a carless city advocate be pro-car?

The answer is yes – listen and see why.

Not Just Bikes with Jason Slaughter

2021-11-30 by The War on Cars, LLC

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Jason Slaughter is the creator of Not Just Bikes, the wildly popular YouTube channel that covers urban design and daily living in the Netherlands. Jason’s videos are informative and entertaining, and whether they’re about the shaky finances on which the suburbs are built or something as simple as grocery shopping, each one helps viewers understand larger concepts about building cities for people, not cars. Doug sat down with Jason in Amsterdam to talk about the origins of Not Just Bikes and why places that force everyone to drive whether they want to or not just plain suck. ***The episode is sponsored by Rad Power Bikes.*** SHOW NOTES: Subscribe to Not Just Bikes on YouTube. Follow Not Just Bikes on Twitter. Watch the videos mentioned in this episode: Why Many Cities Suck (But Dutch Cities Don’t) Why Grocery Shopping is Better in Amsterdam Why Dutch Bikes Are Better (and why you should want one) The Wrong Way to Set Speed Limits How Suburban Development Makes American Cities Poorer Support The War on Cars on Patreon and receive access to exclusive ad-free bonus content. Plus we’ll send you stickers. Get official War on Cars merch, including our new CARS RUIN CITIES t-shirt, at our store. Check out The War on Cars library at Follow and review us on iTunes. It helps people find us! Our theme music is by Nathaniel Goodyear. Our logo is by Dani Finkel of Crucial D.