Family orange juice

You’re not the only one that blames their parents for their problems.

A fakeologist talks family.

One of my most personal audios. This reveals more about me than most my own family knows.

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* Published: 2015-08-25 1:00:00 AM

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Agenda 21 upgrades to The 2030 Agenda

I don’t like most upgrades as they tend to break everything. Here’s the world’s new operating system.

If you didn’t like “Agenda 21″, then you really are not going to like “The 2030 Agenda”. Next month, the United Nations is going to launch “The 2030 Agenda” at a major conference that will be held from September 25th to September 27th in New York City. The Pope is actually traveling to New York to deliver an address which will kick off this conference.

Energy revolutions

I still believe that wind and solar aren’t going to work in Ontario, despite this article laying out a long timeline for a new energy solutions.

This whole revolution is more about creating new money making scams by blowing up reliable and very cheap energy production methods that work too well to make top much money from.

Energy innovation and energy “transition” are today’s hot topics. President Barack Obama aims to have 20% of U.S. electricity come from wind and solar by 2030.

3 guys from 5 eyes

They all work for the same Queen, who works for the same mega-controllers of the planet. Easy to see.

These were words uttered recently by 1) Stephen Harper, Canada; 2) David Cameron, United Kingdom; and 3) Tony Abbott, Australia.Their similarities are revealing. What links these three leaders, apart from their common ideology, is a remarkably identical — and extreme — approach to the challenges of today’s Middle East. In fact, there are growing signs that these politicians, all comrades in arms, are quietly working from the same playbook.After all, the formula is simple: Wildly exaggerate the actual threat. Inflame the rhetoric. Blame Muslims. Brush aside issues of human rights. And strap in — while the votes flow your way. It is a clever way to distract voters from more immediate and genuine threats, such as climate change and the economy.

Source: Why Harper (and friends) are a bigger threat than IS: Burman | Toronto Star

Norway’s no utopia

Publicly searchable tax returns? Yikes!

Worse, Norway has a 25% HST, which includes a 15% value-added tax on groceries. There are also local taxes and social security levies. Plus, Norway has a 1.1% wealth tax – which clicks in at the $130,000 mark – on top of income and sales taxes. In total, the average middle-class Norwegian family (there are no other kinds, of course) pays about $70,000 a year to the state. For that they get Canadian-style health care, free education and subsidized child care.

Norwegians also surrender privacy. The state publishes everyone’s tax return online in a searchable database, complete with birth dates and place of residence. This database also includes the net worth of all citizens, which must be real handy if you are into fraud.