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Here’s some black history you haven’t heard.

It is no exaggeration that this post deals with one of the greatest and perhaps least discussed deception in American history, and as far as I can tell, human history. It is the distortion and erasure of ‘black history,’ not only American but global. I’ll go straight to the point, and elaborate in the ensuing paragraphs: that the parts of the Americas reached by European ‘explorers’ initially and for the subsequent 300 years were populated mostly by indigenous people who would be and are today called black, that the trans-Atlantic slave trade for all intents and purposes never happened, and that the identities of ‘colored,’ ‘negro’ and later ‘African-American’ were manufactured by the Western political establishment in a 200-year campaign of paper genocide to deprive black people of their native America and (ostensibly, given the state of tribal sovereignty) pass sole claim to indigenous rights to nomadic and semi-nomadic, ethnically different people known as ‘Native Americans,’ who were a minority group in these first-encountered areas and a majority only in the Plains, Arctic, and Southwest regions.

Source: Black Lives Matter. So Does (Real) Black History. – pats-blog

Ontario government admits to funding vaxxer propagandist bloggers? 

This is stunning if true.

The government is challenging anti-vaxxers to a Twitter fight. A few bloggers were recruited by Ontario’s health ministry to help push its hashtag #butivaccinate through self-deprecating posts about their parenting style. Part of the deal is to attach it to observations that turn up as promoted tweets. Payment for participating doesn’t require engaging with respondents, but they’re a rabid bunch.

More proof the real power rests with the unelected 

Any illusions that elected people run this country are shattered with stories like these. 

Trudeau picks cabinet advisor to become new head of CSIS 

Prime minister has named David Vigneault, an advisor in Privy Council Office to lead the country’s spy agency.

Podcast #030 – Digital Nomads of Chiang Mai

Interesting new podcast. 

In this episode, I speak to five digital nomads in Chiang Mai, Thailand – the digital nomad hotspot of the world.   Andrea Wilde from Tennessee. She does website design and content writing.  On her blog, Andrea does a breakdown on how much money it costs her to live this lifestyle. It’s fascinating – especially if you’re considering coming out here. Ron Tuch from Miami sells stuff on Amazon. It’s a very cool business model and he’s very good at what he does. He’s also got a bl

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