Prozac nation – the fluoride destruction of America

Ms. Wurtzel popularized the Pain & Suffering Memoir genre with the publication of her book Prozac Nation in 1994. The book was raw, confessional, and witty. It felt like she had discovered capital T Truth. She went inside, as the psychologists (and Buddhists) had trained us to do, explored her emotional pain with all of its searing intensity, and redeemed it by giving it meaning. Ms. Wurtzel modeled how to be vulnerable, ironic, and strong. By the end of the book she was our friend and shrink. She had gone through the dark night of the soul and had come out on the other side, victorious.

Metooing John Derringer

How does a money losing, declining business get rid of its top expense (performer?)

Call in the #metoo brigade.

Derringer may have been an asshole but that’s probably what made him the best in his class.

Snowflakes can’t have it both ways.

Tyrants are interesting and that’s how they get to the top.

Derringer may be one of the few who can monetize a podcast – which is all he will be able to do after being fired.

Toronto Mike

May 24, 2022: John Derringer – Tool Of The Day

2022-05-24 by Humble and Fred

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Today we deal with disgraced broadcaster John Derringer / Jacqui Delaney reveals her experiences with disgraced broadcaster John Derringer / Humble and Fred wonder how many Derringer enablers are squirming today / Our friend Andrew Krystal is dead – we pay tribute

The Bank of Canada should be reinstated to its original mandated purposes

The Bank of Canada should be reinstated to its original mandated purposes
Few people understand the Canadian government’s relationship with the Bank of Canada or its original purpose

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The lead in gas conspiracy

Good one for sure involving who else the Rockefellers.

“The magician and the politician have much in common: they both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing.” – Ben Okri

Etymology teaches us much about history. Take the word plumbing, which is derived from the Latin word plumbum, which means “lead.” In Roman times, elaborate systems of lead pipes were used to deliver water from the viaducts into the dwellings and bath houses of the cities.

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Aga Khan Money Money pipeline

$200 million recorded dollars so far to an NGO that Canadians likely have never heard of.

More great work by citizen investigative reporter Ronnie.

It’s all just an act. Remember the times in recent years when Members of Parliament pretended to be outraged about Trudeau being so close to Aga Khan? Maybe they were just upset about not getting invited themselves.

Source: Ottawa’s Bipartisan Love Of Giving Aga Khan Money – Canuck Law

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COLA inflation more like 14%

They’ve always lied with numbers, and economics are no different.

Inflation: • The Old-Line PPI Commodity Series Finished Goods Inflation Hit a New 41-Year Peak of 12.5% in October 2021 • Third-Quarter 2021 GDP Annual Inflation Hit Its Highest Level Since First-Quarter 1983 • 2022 Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment Was Set at a 39-Year High of 5.9%, while the Shadows Alternate-CPI Measure Suggested a 13.9% COLA Would Have Been More Realistic [Expanded detail follows in the LATEST NUMBERS and BUSINESS CYCLE Sections

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One CAFO Owner Produces 5 Million Polluting Pigs

Put pork on your Chinese fork.

Another big business model that needs to be broken up.

Jeff Hansen’s hog farming is a story that is as old as time. The growth of his concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) over the past 30 years produced over 5 million pigs brought to market in 2020.1 But, this is not a rags-to-riches story that people in Iowa are championing — unless, of course, you’re being paid to.

Source: One CAFO Owner Produces 5 Million Polluting Pigs

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