Naloxone and the Opioid Crisis: It’s a Wild West – Rosemary Frei

More Big Harma danger.

A pharmacist named Jason Newman threatened me three weeks ago.

Newman runs an organization called FRAEM — ‘The Foundation for the Responsible Administration of Emergency Medicines.’ It distributes large numbers of naloxone kits to members of the general public at places such as street festivals. I’d first encountered the organization in late June 2022 at a booth in downtown Toronto during the city’s Pride festival.

The Family That Flees Together, Trees Together

Can a family that lives in the belly of the Beast be outside of the system? The answer is surprisingly yes.

This whole story began because of the war on marijuana. Well I am not an advocate for the use of it, I am pleased the Canada has made it legal, especially if they can avoid bizarre situations like this one. Go to the 20 minute mark if you want to hear an epic rant against the system and against out of control law enforcement.

The Jarvis family, a group of eight, goes on the run from the law—for seven years. They live on a boat, in a treehouse in a swamp. They escape capture time after time. And how do the kids turn out, living a life outside of society, as fugitives? Surprisingly great.

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these guys look like proud parents

While I am grateful that are borders are guarded from the barbarians at the gate (Americans?), I scratch my head and wonder if this “seizure” of “illegal” drugs is something to crow about – as if a cure for cancer was found.

Rook went on to point out how significant the drug seizure was: “I want to stress to you just how big it is. If this cocaine were street ready, it would have been enough for over 100,000 hits.

The CBSA’s Kim R. Scoville praised the officers for keeping dangerous drugs from entering Canada, “Had this quantity of illicit narcotics made its way into our communities undetected, the impact could have been devastating. The CBSA is truly Canada’s first line of defence, and this record seizure is a prime example of how frontline officers are actively protecting Canadians every day.“

Source: Record-breaking $8 million worth of cocaine seized from semi at Canadian border | CDLLife

Of course, I’m not even sure if the story is true, but it makes you wonder if they saved all these “victims” from a certain euphoria – and perhaps destined for looking for hits from legal pharma sold out of peoples’ medicine chest excesses?