Michael Moore’s Donald Trump Movie Is the “Film to See Before It’s Too Late”

I’m a big Michael Moore fan, controlled opposition or not.

n the fall of 2016, Michael Moore was one of the few liberal cultural figures who predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential election. Now the documentary filmmaker says his next project, Fahrenheit 11/9, a Trump-focused movie that takes its title from the president’s fateful election day, will arrive in theaters in time for the midterms.

Source: Michael Moore’s Donald Trump Movie Is the “Film to See Before It’s Too Late” | Vanity Fair

WhatsApp truckers shut down Brazil

Fascinating story of the new way to organize.

When Lazaro Rutino needs a break from hauling beef across Brazil in his truck, he swipes on his phone and is instantly connected to dozens of other truckers. Rutino, 59, is a member of eight trucker groups on WhatsApp, the messaging service that has become a staple for Brazilians of all walks of life.

Source: WhatsApp is upending the role of unions in Brazil. Next, it may transform politics | The Star

The Family That Flees Together, Trees Together

Can a family that lives in the belly of the Beast be outside of the system? The answer is surprisingly yes.

This whole story began because of the war on marijuana. Well I am not an advocate for the use of it, I am pleased the Canada has made it legal, especially if they can avoid bizarre situations like this one. Go to the 20 minute mark if you want to hear an epic rant against the system and against out of control law enforcement.

The Jarvis family, a group of eight, goes on the run from the law—for seven years. They live on a boat, in a treehouse in a swamp. They escape capture time after time. And how do the kids turn out, living a life outside of society, as fugitives? Surprisingly great.