Coercive vax

At least you won’t be cut off from a sizeable bribe of your taxpayer money as in Australia, but it seems your child will be thrown out of school if you don’t jab them.

Why, if something is good for you, do you have to force people to take it? Shouldn’t we first force children to eat broccoli?

Public health units across the Toronto area are sending warnings and suspending students with incomplete vaccination records.

Source: Thousands of GTA students at risk of suspension over missing vaccine data | Toronto Star

As if Trump will make a difference

Since when has voting for president made any difference? The cabal that runs the world via their NGOs and corporations doesn’t care what puppet is distracting the public. If voting made a difference it would be illegal. You of all people should know that Minister!Test for your readers: What famous leader said ““An election is no time to discuss serious issues”” ?

Source: The Donald — Greater Fool – Authored by Garth Turner – The Troubled Future of Real Estate