Sochi scenes


If you can get past the anti-Russian propaganda (mostly about the false anti-homosexual stories), then you’ll see what $50 billion of Russian taxpayer money can buy. Even after all the graft, it can buy some amazing architecture and infrastructure.Behind The Scenes – The Olympics In Sochi - Interesting 6

Behind The Scenes – The Olympics In Sochi – Interesting 6.

Click this link describing the real story behind the Russian law banning spreading alternative lifestyle information to minors (what they call the anti-gay laws).

Where the elites go

I’m sure they teach the trivium and quadrivium as well.

The boarding schools on this list are highly selective schools with many more applicants than places for students. The acceptance rates are 25% or less. The schools are listed in alphabetical order. I have made no attempt to rank these schools as each one is unique. You need to assess schools on the basis of how they fit your requirements. The best school is always the school which fits best.

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Good Lorde

If only this were true.

Thankyou soo much everyone for making this song explode because this world is mental. Laughter. Planet Earth is run by psychopaths that hide behind slick marketing, ‘freedom’ propaganda and ‘economic growth’ rhetoric,[1] while they construct a global system of corporatized totalitarianism.

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What is Elite schooling?

It’s nothing like what the masses are taught.

Fact: “Elites” Receive a Very Different Type of Schooling You and I Do – One might even say that elites such as Bill Gates, Mitt Romney, The Kennedys, etc. get an “education” while we just get “schooling.”  Here are the main goals of elite boarding school education (that you likely have never heard of):

The child must develop his own theory of human nature (by studying history, philosophy and law).

Mastery of the ‘Active Literacies:” writing and public speaking (so the child can attract allies as he goes through life).

Deep practice of the forms of politeness and good manners.

Independent work. (The student actually directs his own course of study based on his own interests at his own pace. In elite boarding schools, at least 80% of the child’s time is totally his own to use as he chooses to further his own education.)

Compulsory participation in energetic sports as a way to develop human grace.

Develop a theory of access to any person, organization or high office.

Always accept responsibility when it is offered and always deliver more than is promised.

Arrive at a personal code of standards: standards of production, standards of behavior, standards of morality.

Thorough understanding of the major institutional forms (courts, corporations, military, etc.)

Thorough understanding of the major works of art and a general ease around the arts.

Develop strong powers of observation and record keeping.

Develop an ability to handle challenges of all sorts.

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