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What happened was, I came to the Yankee Capital from where I growed up in East Needle, Tennessee, that’s so far back in the mountains that the sun don’t hardly shine and we don’t get too much news about what they do in the flatlands. Mostly people in East Needle just stays where they are. But I weren’t too normal, or anyways that’s what Miss Maisie Stovelid, the teacher lady in the county school said. She said I was smarter than the other kids and she hoped I’d go far, though I reckon she would have settled for the next county over. Most folk just thought there was something wrong with my head.

Brittni De La Mora was a porn star who became a Christian

Brittni De La Mora was a porn star who became a Christian 🗓️ 2023-10-30 • 🕑 59:21 • 📁 2.7 GB Podcast: Jerm Warfare on Odysee Author: Jerm Warfare Web player: Episode: Brittni De La Mora is an inspiration. She was a top-tier porn star for seven years, landing over 250 film roles and gaining international fame. Despite her ‘success’, she was plagued by emptiness and despair, relying on drugs and alcohol to cope, even making unsuccessful suicide attempts. Then she became a Christian, abruptly exited the porn industry, and started a new life. – FULL SHOW DESCRIPTION: – JOIN OUR TRIBE:

Vox despises boomers

On this great day of days, when Boomer icon Jimmy Buffet is no longer wasting away in Margaritaville and has now joined his “lost shaker of salt”, /pol/ summarizes the wicked generation.

Boomers have done it all with clear conscience, they knew they were crippling their own progeny. The system died in 2001 – 20 years ago. Boomers knew and still know this but in their narcissistic hubris it’s a good thing, as the boomer gets to die on top, “the last of the real men”, John Wayne in their own imaginations. The “Me generation” believes castrating their own male children via Cronos-esque child consuming behaviors, was a stroke of brilliance as now their sons could never surpass them, as to boomers such a thing would be “emasculating”. The boomer destroyed their sons and grandsons, and at 65 will saunter into Hooters and disgustingly “flirt” with 19-year-old waitresses. Even in their geriatric years they view young men as sexual competition. These utterly depraved creatures make me sick.

Boomers couldn’t live up to their fathers, so they made sure their sons couldn’t live up to them. Every generation in history shits on the generation that came after them. But the boomers are the only generation that have been hated by two generations before them, and three generations after them.

I suspect it will be considerably more than three. It’s educational to note the change in the average size of funerals over the last 30 years. When my grandfather died, people flew from all over the world to attend his funeral and pay their respects. In my youth, it wasn’t uncommon to see an entire church filled with mourners. Now, Boomers die and it doesn’t even occur to their children or their grandchildren to show up to bury them. Just incinerate and forget, and no worries about the probate since the grasshopper generation leaves nothing behind but a wasteland of debt.

There is no point in Boomers attempting to gaslight the younger generations, particularly GenX. We were there. We saw everything. We know exactly what happened and we observed how everything changed. And the point of repeatedly slamming the Boomer generation is to prevent future generations from making their dyscivic mistakes.

We’re not telling our children to postpone marriage and to pursue college degrees. We’re not telling them that children are a burden. We’re encouraging them to learn from the Boomer failures, and to learn from our failures, and to live better, more fulfilling, more God-fearing lives than we did.

Jimmy Buffett is dead. May the wicked spirit of his generation die with him.

Source: /pol/ Celebrates Pillow Day – Vox Popoli

Box hates boomers: Boosted and Triggered

This hits the nail on the head. Boomers were/are so selfish. The best of everything for themselves, never a bit of effort for anyone else, even their own families. They had career jobs where they literally just showed up with a resume and a handshake, first class pension plans, 8 hour work days, first class health and dental plans, 4 weeks vacation and paid days off…