Box hates boomers: Boosted and Triggered

This hits the nail on the head. Boomers were/are so selfish. The best of everything for themselves, never a bit of effort for anyone else, even their own families. They had career jobs where they literally just showed up with a resume and a handshake, first class pension plans, 8 hour work days, first class health and dental plans, 4 weeks vacation and paid days off…

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Lessons on mass culling of elephants for humans

Ron Thomson on mass culling of elephants

2022-10-10 by Jerm Warfare

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The Kruger National Park is one of the most beautiful game parks in the world, in my opinion.

But it has too many elephants, and they are killing the park.

The solution is either to move them, or to shoot them, argues Ron Thomson, a big game conservationist of 60 years.

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