It was a dark winter

Toronto literally had a dark winter – my solar panels told me so. Between cloud cover and snow cover of the panels, their production was sad.

Combine that with flaky wind power, we can see that wind and solar are no substitute for combustibles.

Getting ridding of gas and coal is economic suicide, which of course is what the obsoelite want for North America

Happier than usual to get out of Ontario’s winter gloom this year? This new data may shed light on why

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How the Bible Almost Got “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Canceled

“If we can talk about what I feel is the true meaning of Christmas, based on my Midwest background,” the producer later recalled Schultz saying, “it would really be worth doing.” Notice how Schultz had to speak of the Christian faith euphemistically as coming from his “Midwest background.” The producer explained that Schultz was adamant that the Scripture be included, “If we hadn’t gone that way, we wouldn’t have done the show.”

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Christine Anderson Doesn’t Support Fascism, Pierre Poilievre demonstratively Does.

Hate speech is anything the official government party line disagrees with.

So the vile views atributed to Christine Anderson by Mr Poilievre is that she is racist and hateful and her views are not welcome in Canada. This has since been amplified by the CBC on his behalf

Why natural gas is amazing

Never once do you hear of gas companies asking you to reduce gas consumption for the “greater good”.

You do however hear of monopoly utilities calling for voluntary reduction or even forced reduction if you have a “smart” thermostat.

This is why they want all gas banned in the name of their false CO2 god. It’s for one reason only: control.

My guess is that there is a technical reason why you cannot have a “smart” gas meter to regulate gas use – otherwise we’d have one by now stopping you from using one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to heat your house in this frostbitten country they call Canada.

Hydro-Québec is asking its customers to take a few steps to reduce electricity consumption in Quebec as a period of intense cold weather began Thursday night in most regions. The utility predicts that on Friday and Saturday, electricity demand could exceed the historical peak consumption, which was about 40,500 megawatts (MW) in January 2022. Extremely cold temperatures will test the ability of buildings to retain heat, which will increase heating demand across Quebec.

Source: Hydro-Quebec asks customers to reduce electricity consumption | CTV News

The AFP Report – Mark Anderson on the Border Engineered Crisis

The border crisis is not by accident – it’s engineered and now called “irregular migration”.

It’s actually endorsed and engineered by the Three Amigos, and supported by tax and NGO dollars.

The AFP Report – Mark Anderson on the Border Crisis

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On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined once again by Mark Anderson, a longtime reporter for the newspaper who also serves as our Roving Editor. Mark joins me to discuss the crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border, a crisis that has only worsened under President Joe Biden. Mark recently spoke with former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who served as sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona for over 20 years, about the situation at the border. Will local and state officials step up to enforce America’s immigration laws given the utter failure of the federal government to police the southern border? Subscribe to America’s last real newspaper today!

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