Communism is freedom

Gondek says never being able to own a home gives Canadians “more freedom”

“They can travel to different places, they can try out different communities, their job may take them from place to place and so people have become much more liberated around what housing looks like, and what the tenure of housing looks like.”

Keith Harmon Snow on the Rwandan genocide myths

Are the Tutsies the Jews of Africa? Are they using the genocide narrative to commit their own atrocities?

Keith Harmon Snow on the Rwandan genocide myths 🗓️ 2024-04-22 • 🕑 01:21:05 • 📁 2.9 GB Podcast: Jerm Warfare on Odysee Author: Jerm Warfare Web player: Episode: Award-winning photojournalist Keith Harmon Snow breaks apart the mainstream myth(s) of the Rwandan genocide. What actually happened was a violent coup d’état with Western backing, led by Paul Kagame. – Full breakdown: – Join our tribe: