Visa and Walmart duke it out

Technology is putting pressure on credit card and bricks and mortar retailers. Both aren’t needed as much, and hence they start fighting like children over the scraps.

Most won’t be too sad to see both walk away wounded.

Now Walmart has initiated a public fight – something we never wanted – and they are using their own customers as negotiating leverage by stating that they will no longer accept Visa cards at Walmart stores.

Will Canada have a 7 man junta when it goes into default?

Great explanation found here on how getting a country into debt will take it down. It’s essentially from the tales of an economic hitman. This example features Puerto Rico.


Source: No Agenda Player


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Vax Toronto talk

People are talking about the unreleased Vaxxed movie. I wonder if this will just lead to more expensive vaccines, since people are fixated on the adjuvent and not the concept that vaccines are simply expensive placebos.

Wrong questions lead to irrelevant answers.

Speciesism is specious

It was recommended to me by That Vegan Couple to watch this movie. Basically it’s saying that humans are just another animal, and by eating animals, we are guilty of one of the biggest hate crimes of call, speciesism.

It’s an abstract topic that didn’t convince me or get much traction in my mind.

I’ll stop or reduce eating meat if it can be proven to improve my health – not because I think a pig’s life is equal to a human’s.

Official website and trailer of Speciesism: The Movie. You’ll never look at animals the same way again. Especially humans.

Source: Speciesism: The Movie – Official Website