What’s wrong with Robert Kennedy Jr’s voice?

For him,  it’s a dystonic world.

When Robert Kennedy Jr. appeared on “Larry King Live” Monday, he hoped to gain attention for energy conservation. But as the public listened to his stilted, strained voice, he also drew attention to another cause


I looked this up after hearing him on my last post.

Ratz on vax

Vicsim denier Max does a vax clipfest.

May 24th 2016- In this episode of the Max Ratt Deconstruction Zone Max digs DEEP into the issue of Vaccines.  With the recent publicity surrounding the movie “VAXXED”, Max incorporates a review of the documentary within an in depth presentation encompassing a plethora of knowledge and research into Vaccination.  This is an important show presented in […]

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* Published: 2016-05-24 5:45:55 AM

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Physician burnout

Another very fascinating podcast on how the medical system works – it’s all controlled by money, of course. Jennifer lays out the mechanics of the control.

Dr. Daniels’ “Truth Files” are replays of her weekly radio show on the Blake Radio titled Healing with Dr. Daniels. Healing with Dr. Daniels airs every Tuesday at 6:00 pm EST. Each week’s show brings a massive amount of information, with the ability for the listener to ask questions. And now, the shows aired on Sundays on RBN have been included! Each of these shows are marked as a “Bonus.”

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Learn your LD ratios

Many interviews I’ve heard with the Dr. make her sound like a quack, but not this one.

Jennifer Daniels 5/13/16

Dr. Jennifer Daniels is an endless source of information when it comes to demythologizing “modern medicine.”  A highly trained MD (University of Pennsylvania) who also got an MBA (at the same time), her personal story is astonishing, but it is one of thankful separation from the world she once belonged to in which she made the mistake of truly helping her patients regain their health. In this interview, she explains medicine’s “authorized license to kill,” proven by the terms lethal dose anddeath rate as they relate to prescription drugs and medical practice.  Listeners were very interested in her last show here, about dying cells and turpentine; many asked for another, and she has obliged.  Please visit her website VitalityCapsules.com where you can reach her for individual or group consultation; also see her Radio Replay page where you will find dozens of interviews packed with her amazing knowledge and analysis.  Enjoy, learn and benefit!


Just on soft power

Great audio with two good guests and hosts on what is really happening in Syria.

Episode #132 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes this Sunday April 24, 2016 as host Patrick Henningsen broadcasts 3 HOURS of LIVE power-packed talk radio on ACR LISTEN LIVE ON THIS PAGE AT THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULED SHOW TIMES: SUNDAYS – 5pm-8pm UK Time 12pm-3pm ET (US) 9am-12pm PT (US) This weeks edition of THE… continue


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Is shaken baby syndrome just a cover for vaccination poisoning?


Perhaps it is just the cynic in me that I can rarely look at a media news story without a measure of skepticism.  And perhaps it is also that my job as a reporter has me looking at the story from a different angle. . .the one not reported.