Military spends 660 billion a year

… And has 662 bases around the world.

Who says the US is not the new Roman Empire?

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11 Richest Families in the United States 

Where’s Rockefeller on the list? Did they lose their money?

11 RICHEST FAMILIES IN THE UNITED STATESIn life you may be able to pick your friends, pick your college, and pick your career but you will never be able to pick the family that you were born into. This can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on where you ended up. For the following 11 families on this list we bet that they were ecstatic to be born into their specific bloodline. Wealth can be generational, they say, and these families put the concept to the test. We are about to dig into the luxurious lives of some of America’s wealthiest families and just reading about their worth will make you want to run to your savings accounts and put everything you have in them. Without further deliberation: Listed below are 11 of the wealthiest families in the United States!

Source: 11 Richest Families in the United States | HorizonTimes

Darling swindle

What is it about Ontario that makes it such a mark for the nuclear swindle? Are we the easiest target in the world to steal electricity money from? How did this happen?

Darlington’s midlife makeover

In October 2016, work will begin to refurbish the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station in Clarington. The project will extend the 25-year-old nuclear power plant’s life until at least 2055. Preparations are already underway.


Nuclear reactors located at Darlington


Percentage of Ontario’s energy produced at Darlington


Years needed to refurbish the plant


About how many years the plant’s life will be extended by the refurbishment project


Budget for the refurbishment project


Percentage of expenditures for the project that will occur in Ontario


New jobs created over life of the project


Cost to build a nuclear reactor mockup to train workers for refurbishment

Oh snap, my age bracket is dying off faster than before

I hope this mi6 – Guardian article is fear porn fiction. Even if it is, it has a subconscious effect.

Rising deaths among white middle-aged Americans could exceed Aids toll in US
Alarming trend among less-educated 45- to 54-year-olds largely thought to be a result of more suicides and the misuse of drugs and alcohol

Isaac Newton’s Temperature Scale and Thirty-Three In Science

Now you know why 32 liquid and 33 is frozen. All roads seem to lead to masonry.

Let us quickly read about Isaac Newton’s temperature scale courtesy of Wikipedia, but before we do that, let us decode the name Isaac Newton in Gematria. Isaac = 9+19+1+1+3 = 33 Newton = 14+5+23+20+15+14 = 91 Isaac Newton = 33+91 = 124

via free to find truth: 33 | Isaac Newton’s Temperature Scale and Thirty-Three In Science.