Scott switches to Trumo

[easyazon_infoblock align=”left” identifier=”1591847745″ locale=”US” tag=”fakeologist-20″]Scott makes the big leap.

As most of you know, I had been endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, for my personal safety, because I live in California. It isn’t safe to be a Trump supporter where I live. And it’s bad for business too. But recently I switched my endorsement to Trump, and I owe you an explanation. So here it goes.

Source: Scott Adams’ Blog

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C51, TPP and Alan Park 

Alan’s back after cancer with an old show. He’s off Sirius simulated satellite radio and discussing Canada’s new security state. 

Equally important was the discussion about TPP, the sharpest tool in the globalist drawer.

After much downtime, Conspiracy Queries returns with a very full episode featuring researcher and logician, Jon Rappoport.The interview, recorded back in May 2015, shows Jon as even more intelligent and prescient than we know he is, because his predictions were as true as today’s headlines.Canada’s Bill C-51 – and similar bills in other nations – have the opposite effect of what its government tools claim as their intentions – to root out terrorists and increase the security of the citizen. We d

* Duration: 1:20h

* Published: 2016-09-15 12:00:03 PM

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Vaxxed mini review 


This link may be dead, but the torrent is everywhere if you want to watch. 

Any highly promoted “prohibited” movie will be controlled. 

This movie is no exception. It’s main message is vaccines are good in single purpose shots,  but the multi purposed MMR vaccine is bad. 


They emphasize it’s particularly dangerous for infant blacks. 

It also illustrates the incestuous nature of regulators and industry. 

The whistle blower is only heard from and never seen. Is he a real person? 

Most whistle blowers are contrived actors or sims used to control the opposition, which is real but always unfocussed. 

Expect this “underground” movie to surface in the mainstream as soon as the alternative media stops talking about it.