Melissa Lantsman’s – David Menzies conflict misdirection

Ronnie finds the real issue, as usual.

This is a cheap deflection, whipping out the homophobe card after getting questioned about lobbying for Walmart. She is officially listed as having done so, and the report is from December 9, 2020. The video of the questioning is freely available. That being said, since this woman is running for the Thornhill riding in the next Federal election, it’s worth seeing where her loyalties lie. Regardless of one’s views of Rebel, this is disgusting. If she’s willing to lie about something so provably false while

Source: Melissa Lantsman’s Real Record As A Lobbyist, After Installing Doug Ford – Canuck Law

Rewriting Henry Dundas slave history

As usual, the story is inverted.

Paul wrote: In 1776 Scottish lawyer Henry Dundas won a case to prevent Joseph Knight from selling his black slave. Dundas stated, “Human nature, my Lords, spurns at the thought of slavery among any part of our species.The Court declared that there  could be no slaves on SCOTTISH soil.