Where’s the outrage (and the human rights commission)?

Religions, countries, ethnicities are all meant to keep people divided. I’m ok with people identifying themselves in different ways. It’s when they exclude others that things can become dicey in a politically correct world.

Substitute “White” for “Jewish” in the following paragraph and see how long the camp would last in this PC world.

Organizers of a Jewish summer camp are defending their decision? to bar a non-Jewish boy from returning for a second summer after campers’ parents said “it is important for the camp to remain Jewish” and focused on “Jewish identity” and “Jewish pride.”

via Jewish camp defends not permitting non-Jewish boy to attend | Toronto & GTA | Ne.

Fifth Estate tackles Davis’ Wheat Belly

Fighting the Wheat Belly phenom that is taking the industry on.

There is huge confusion/deception between gluten free and wheat free. The food industry saw this coming and is promoting gluten free as the answer.

I believe the answer is wheat free. Apparently it’s not that wheat is GMOed to make it roundup resistant, it’s the application of Roundup to power-dry the wheat to expedite its harvest.

The real study should be: what does Monsatan’s Roundup do to the human body when ingested via the wheat?

The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)


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