The Media Extinction Event

Value 4 value stock price rising fast.

Goodbye devil mouse!

In other words, even if we’re generous and we assume all the other sports combined generate as much television interest as the NFL, we’re looking at a decline from 100 million at peak to six million. That’s a decline of 94 percent in households. In monetary terms, if we use a single-season, single-team MLB subscription as a stand-in for all other sports, that’s an 88 percent decline in revenue from $10 billion to $1.23 billion… with $45 billion in rights fees owed through 2027.

No wonder the Saudis are licking their lips and looking to buy up more sports leagues instead of teams. It also explains why Bob Iger is desperately casting around for anyone who wants to buy pieces of the collapsing Devil Mouse empire. But it’s not just Disney that is facing the precipice.

Don’t grab Papa Pope

Pope Francis has apologized for hitting the hand of a well-wisher who grabbed him and yanked him toward her while he was taking a stroll in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City in Rome.

Source: Pope says sorry for losing patience with well-wisher who yanked his arm | CBC News

Not exactly safe for the Vicar of Christ to wander among the masses, but that’s the kind of Pope he wants to be.

The new movie The Two Popes is worth watching, clearly an approved, sympathetic movie to the changeover from Benedict to Francis (or was it?)

It was beautifully filmed and positive Pope propaganda.

Uodate 1/2

Pope testy here too.

Where have all the Ts gone in speech?

This new phenomenon is hard for an old man like me to take.

It drives me nuts I found this question after hearing (yet another annoyance of) Kellyanne Conway say “Poo-In” for Putin today. While Putin can easily be mistaken for Poo, it’s her pronunciation of it that’s ridiculous. It might seem lazy when you hear someone dropping that sound, but to me it’s obvious that it took a lot of work for them to speak that way because that’s most certainly not how they learned to speak it in school. if it’s not a speech impediment, it’s an affectation that had to be de

Source: Why have many Americans in the last several years started dropping the pronunciation of the letter ‘t’ in some words? – Quora

#metoo in 2002

Interesting story of how fault lines of belief can fracture a small community when allegations of sexual harassment occur.

Susan Drury tells the story of what happens when one of the most respected men in town gets accused of sexual harassment by one of the most trusted women in town. For a lot of the townspeople it was a difficult decision, but they chose to believe him over her. And some of them didn’t change their minds, even when the man was later revealed to be a murderer.