Brainwashing is working

The stripping of the 2nd amendment will take time – a generation or two. I do think it will happen, what with the skill the propagandists have at their fingertips.

Mass “shootings”, ie HRDPARs, have certainly ramped up since Obummer took office.

Take these numbers at the face (fake) value. The effect is the same, however.

US Mass Shootings, 1982-2016: Data From Mother Jones’ Investigation | Mother Jones

I like the spreadsheet at the above link.

Veganism for control?

The most common anti-vegan argument.

This is why I believe we are seeing the spread of vegan diets, documentaries encouraging people to go vegan, and a growing consciousness in general about plant based diets. Why not abolish factory farming of animals, and employ our top scientific minds to come up with humane alternatives (such as small scale, organic, mixed farms, which another poster mentioned)? The reason (I believe) this isn’t happening, and there’s such a recent push towards going vegan, is that the powers-that-be are well aware of veganism’s impact on health. They want us compliant and easily controlled – veganism provides a perfect means for them to do so.

Source: The Cult of Veganism and the Psychopathic Agenda | Psychopaths In Charge

You can’t get what you want 

Fantastic post from Scott. 

I recently blogged about the impossibility of buying a Chevy truck with the features you want. The quick summary is that there are so many truck features and options that it would be almost mathematically impossible for a dealer to have the truck you want on the lot. Likewise, there are generally no nearby trucks at other dealerships that your local dealer can ship in for you.

The Bait-and-Switch Confusopoly Economy