Ford factor

Whoever is behind Ford is no doubt a high end propagandist. Even though the Toronto mayor has no real power, it is amazing how so many rules of fakeology and propaganda apply to him and his office.

The main purpose of a Rob Ford is to distract the taxpayer and councilors from any real business, like the restructuring of unaffordable public services. The third-worlding of wages has not hit the public sector (yet, if ever), so old style budget increases are still the rule rather than the exception.

The Rob Ford side show is a perfect distraction — and it works. Regular people would be well advised to study media fakery and deception techniques to get a better explanation of what is happening.

Factor one is the entrenchment in western culture of politics as a spectator sport. It’s been an American thing for decades — since actor Ronald Reagan became governor of California in 1967, followed generations later by pro wrestler Jesse Ventura in Minnesota in 1999 and action movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger in California in 2003, cartoon-character candidates with off-the-scale name recognition have been tough to beat in single-candidate elections like a mayoralty race.

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Why does this work?

This is a simple test, but what happens at the end will probably blow your mind. It happens to be one of those cool things that no one can really explain, but is totally fascinating. It isn’t hard science, but you need to try it and see for yourself. Don’t write anything down or use a calculator. This is just simple arithmetic…

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Isaac Newton’s Temperature Scale and Thirty-Three In Science

Now you know why 32 liquid and 33 is frozen. All roads seem to lead to masonry.

Let us quickly read about Isaac Newton’s temperature scale courtesy of Wikipedia, but before we do that, let us decode the name Isaac Newton in Gematria. Isaac = 9+19+1+1+3 = 33 Newton = 14+5+23+20+15+14 = 91 Isaac Newton = 33+91 = 124

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