Cages and fences everywhere

In this photo taken May 17, 2020, Kris Browning, left, sits in Canada as she visits with her husband, Tim Browning, in the U.S., near Lynden, Wash. With the border closed to nonessential travel amid the global pandemic, families and couples across the continent have found themselves cut off from loved ones on the other side.

Covaids psyOp has created new divisions, both mental and physical, everywhere – where there shouldn’t be.

Source: American border officials installing cable barrier along Canada-U.S. border | CTV News

This photo says it all.

‘Dr. Foth’ was a force in Canadian journalism

One of my favorite writers.

There are no writers, at least in Canada, who can write like him.

Back when politics was a gentleman’s sport.

Allan Fotheringham, “Dr. Foth” as he was known to his readers, was what we used to call a “Big Foot” columnist in journalism.

Trump: you’re fired

Trump doing what he does best.

No one running a government agency should be making 8 million dollars a year.

President Donald Trump said he helped provide “a major victory for the workers” of the Tennessee Valley Authority last week by firing the current and former chairmen at TVA and pushing the federal utility to reverse what he said was “a terrible thing” to outsource information technology jobs.