Getting around the lightbulb ban

Necessity is the mother of invention, er, renaming of an old product.

The most original invention since the electric light bulb! Although a heatball is technically very similar to a light bulb, it is a heater rather than a source of light.

12 Heatball Theses
  1. Heatball is the enlightened view of what is essential
  2. Heatball is the warmth that has not been recognised for decades
  3. Heatball is the reversal of disaffected thinking
  4. Heatball has become satire through the absurdity of reality
  5. Heatball is like Hamlet, who presents a mirror to his cynical stepfather
  6. Heatball is easy to understand and difficult to fight, and gets stronger through arbitrariness and harassment
  7. Heatball is an electrical resistance against the destruction of cultural goods
  8. Heatball is an image for the dilemma of culture to combine knowledge and emotions
  9. Heatball is an Art Action and connects the people of Europe with warmth
  10. Heatball is the artistic answer to a product of politics
  11. Heatball is unbureaucratic help for the rain forest from people
  12. for humanity

  13. Heatball is free from mercury, independent from lobbyists,and a symbol of free mind

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