Not Sparky Herring!

Sad end to a guy I used to correspond with in the BBS days.

Mary Frances Herring, who was married to Mr. Herring for 28 years, said her late husband was something of a computer whiz in his early years who secured the @Tennessee Twitter handle shortly after Twitter came online. Internet archivist Jason Scott says Herring was the creator of the successful software products Sparkware and QWIKMail; Scott has 2 hours worth of interviews with Herring from 20 years ago here.

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There’s so much unpleasant scary stuff going round! Sorry to hear another layer of Miles’project fear which can be directed to destroy people. Luckily my twitter handle is worthless.
Your recent post about BBS was interesting and seemed to show how they morphed into this web we’re blessed with now. It must have been a fascinating experience- was Langley indirectly involved? I suspect so somehow …

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