Job Alert: How Would You Like to Babysit Robots?

BOOK A NIGHT at LAX’s Residence Inn and you may be fortunate enough to meet an employee named Wally. His gig is relatively pedestrian—bring you room service, navigate around the hotel’s clientele in the lobby and halls—but Wally’s life is far more difficult than it seems. If you put a tray out in front of your door, for instance, he can’t get to you. If a cart is blocking the hall, he can’t push it out of the way. But fortunately for Wally, whenever he gets into a spot of trouble, he can call out for help.

Via Babysitting Robots

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Making babies 

At 33:00, Sophia postulates that harvested sperm and eggs are being combined in “black” labs to create undocumented humans (via surrogates or possible articifial womb technology).

I get into the riddle of A.I. or I.A. in this discussion with Mark Devlin, whom I have interviewed in the past (scroll down this page for links).  Listen here and read the article I refer to here.

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Don’t be so social

A fantastic essay on dumping your social media addiction.

In addition to his many reasons, I’ll add one more inspired by Howard Stern. Why should I spend one second of my time giving another platform my material? Material they can blow away on a whim. At least on my own server I can control what’s mine.

After careful consideration I’ve decided to opt out of participating in external social media sites. I no longer have active accounts with Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or YouTube. They’ve all been closed, deleted, or otherwise nuked.

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Bright light

Imagine channeling free sunlight to save electricity.  So simple it cannot be easily patented and sold. 

“There was one man who installed the lights and within a month he had saved enough to pay for the essential things for his child, who was about to be born. Can you imagine?” he says.

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Magical chip future

Disneyworld is a testing ground for society at large. Here’s the latest in herd management technology.

MyMagic+ promises far more radical change. It’s a sweeping reservation and ride planning system that allows for bookings months in advance on a website or smartphone app. Bracelets called MagicBands, which link electronically to an encrypted database of visitor information, serve as admission tickets, hotel keys, and credit or debit cards; a tap against a sensor pays for food or trinkets. The bands have radio frequency identification (RFID) chips—which critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things.

We recently tried the system out. It’s yet another technological double edged sword: it’s quick and convenient, but is it worth the surrender of your privacy?

While in the Kingdom, I attempted to buy a banana. The magical Mickey head scanner was broken at the vendor’s cart. Without cash, ID, or other currency, I could not obtain the fruit. At one point the chip scanner wouldn’t let me in my room. One wrong keystroke and your chip could be deactivated, rendering you useless.

This will be your future, and it won’t be long.

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AM/FM radios will soon disappear

My comment:

Perhaps not in three years, but the time is coming. I rarely use AM, and never use FM. Anyone with more than a 10 minute commute that has any kind of skills will use their smartphone for their audio. With internet-connected consoles, I’ll program my favorite streams on single touch buttons. Heck, I even listen to the latest traffic report that the AM station updates every 10 minutes via a streamable mp3.

Automakers may kill AM and FM radio in two years | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

If you have a high end radio now, you could add my two streams now:

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Revert to Skype 3.8 – Download

I am a big believer on checking software before upgrading. This has just started recently for me, since the latest version are either worse or unusable.

Skype is no exception. It is progressively becoming typical Micro$haft bloatware. It always hooks you in with “better audio” and adds all types of options that are far and away from the purpose of the program.

One feature I really liked version 3.8 is search users via many fields, including country and skypeme. Check it out!

Even though there are many new versions of Skype, a large amount of people are still using and searching for Skype 3.8. I think that this is basically because of the new interface that is introduced to us in Skype 4. Many people didn’t like the drastic change – why change something that isn’t broken, right :)?

via Skype 3.8 – Download.

Update: Skype 4.2 seems to be better.

Be careful to turn off auto-update. Skype updated itself on me back to 5.x, and didn’t even ask me!

Maybe this will stop the insidious skype from updating

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