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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ WEF believes China has a suitable governance model for the new world order.

The World Economic Forum suggests that China has a model of government and economy for a new global order.The Chinese model is preferable, and Western liberalism is crumbling. The old global liberal order has served as the cornerstone of peace and stability since 1945. It was purposefully developed by the United States and globalists to prevent armed conflict and the economic omnipotence of banks. It consists of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the World Trade Organization, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the G20 and many treaties and agreements. China’s spectacular rise over the past two decades and the relative decline of the US mean sparks are bound to fly.
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China is in a process of economic dominance over the United States. By some estimates, 35% of global growth comes from China and only 18% from the United States. Now we are experiencing the beginning of a global geopolitical transition, the era of US hegemony is over and the era of China begins. Globalists are betting on China and the digital world.
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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ China is the main contender to become the center of the new world order.

China is spearheading the world’s largest urbanization and infrastructure development scheme. In its fifth year of existence, the $ 900 billion One Belt One Road (OBOR) project includes new roads, shipping lanes and construction projects spanning over 65 countries. China is set to become a global green powerhouse. China has announced its intention to lead the fight against climate change following the signing of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. By 2025, most new cars in China will be fully electric. China is aggressively reducing its use of coal. Already, more than 60% of the world’s high-speed railways are located in China (for example, 10 times more than in Japan). China also recently made a commitment to achieving blue skies in all of its major cities within three years.
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China is also driving the global pace of the digital economy, including cashless payments. In major cities, up to 90% of all commercial and retail transactions in shops and cafes take place through Alipay and Wechat. E-commerce delivery to major cities in China via Alibaba is currently the fastest in the world. One company, Alibaba, increased sales by $ 25 billion in just one day, far exceeding the results of so-called Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the United States.Chinese universities also rank first in international rankings.
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