Let ’em in, or else

I’ve always said that if the West doesn’t let in the 1st world in a measured and controlled fashion, they’ll simply come in droves and take what the West has.

That will be chaotic.

Let’s remind Western women that the most rewarding achievement in life is raising children, not working a glamorous white collar job.

Until then, you’ll have mass immigration of people that aren’t like you. It’s the only way the governors know to keep the ponzi scheme economy going.

Almost half of all countries have fertility rates below the replacement level, according to an unprecedented study published by The Lancet journal. While there was not a single nation with a fertility rate below the 2.05 threshold back in 1950, the global average is now only 2.4 — down from 4.7 about 70 years ago.

Source: Fertility rates around the world are declining. Trump supporters won’t like the solution | The Star

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Age fluidity 

Why not if you can just change your gender. 

This is probably fake but it’s amusing fakery. 

Not Emile Ratelband, a 69-year-old who feels like he’s in his 40s. The Dutch pensioner is asking a court in his hometown of Arnhem, southeast of Amsterdam, to change his birth certificate so that it says he took his first breath on March 11, 1969, rather than on March 11, 1949. 


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Shittown or the Fire Gilderer

fantastic podcast (that may even be based on a true story) that is well worth seven hours.

S-Town player.fm/series/s-town

I think the podcast was misnamed, so much so that I avoided listening to it for a long time. I believe a better title would have been the fire guilderer, because its relevance would only have been known by the last episode.

I listen to these podcasts because they are produced by some of the top writers who are likely used to produce psyop scripts. They are so good that I dare say many or most are fake themselves, but it’s quite difficult to tell. The fact that they over emphasise in the promotion that they are true could be a clue. 

Stown discussion 

John’s house complete with maze. 

33°12’08.9″N 87°07’53.6″W

Alabama, USA


Anti-vaxxers rising 

There is hope on the horizon. 

A small but increasing number of children in the United States are not getting some or all of their recommended vaccinations. The percentage of children under 2 years old who haven’t received any vaccinations has quadrupled in the last 17 years, according to federal health data released Thursday.


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Polio is back – or was it ever really here or really gone? 

I still believe that polio is a cover story disease for chemical or bacterial poisoning from a known source.

Thr “vaccine” is the eradication of the source of said poisoning. 

The poison must be back. 

Last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control reported a small surge in cases of a mysterious disease in children. More than 60 cases of the polio-like illness have been confirmed in 22 U.S. states in recent weeks. Now, doctors in Toronto say they’re seeing cases appear in Canada.


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