The EVIL push for ASSISTED DYING! 🗓️ 2023-06-03 • 🕑 12:08 • 📁 824 MB Podcast: @whatsherface on Odysee Author: @whatsherface Web player: Episode: When people commit acts of evil, they don’t tell you it’s evil. They paint it as compassion or as a favour or even as a human right. So it’s no surprise they claim assisted suicide is just that, compassion for the elderly, for those suffering from pain. But sometimes they let their try intentions slip and say the quiet part out loud…// SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL // SOCIAL // New Youtube: Old Youtube: Instagram: Odysee: Rumble: All Socials:

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Common drugs and how they disable you

Drugs suppress symptoms that can kill you in different ways.–1d1e8eb083cc37edd547dcea304efbaef466c3db?skip_click_tracking=true

The osteoporosis medication Fosamax (and others like it) were designed to trick a bone density scan, by keeping dead bone in the bone matrix. Dead bone is supposed to float away in the blood but Fosamax forces the dead bone to stay. This weakens the bones until the bone often disintegrates into dust, most often happening in the hip or jaw. The class action law suits against Fosamax and other drugs like it are massive because of this medical fraud.

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Tiger Williams arrested

No surprise when you listen to this great podcast.

[Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan] Episode 69: Tiger Williams (Part 1) #squidAndTheUltimateLeafsFan via @PodcastAddict

[Squid and the Ultimate Leafs Fan] Episode 70: Tiger Williams (Part 2) #squidAndTheUltimateLeafsFan via @PodcastAddict

The podcasts were really good until the very end where Dave starts pushing the vaccine. I figure that’s proof that he must have brain damage from all those shots to the head. Sadly, Rick Vaive and the host both agree with him. Seems to be part of the mass delusion of baby boomers.

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