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The Infectious Myth – Fluoridation Again, with Paul Connett and Bob Dickson

2019-09-03 by Progressive Radio Network

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After our last discussion of water fluoridation in 222, it was expected that the University of Calgary would deliver a pro-fluoridation report, which would be used by a city council committee to recommend fluoridation of this major Canadian city (well over one million people). But the report, while pro-fluoride overall, admitted that the data on neurological effects (e.g. lower IQ) was concerning, and city council cancelled the committee meeting, presumably to regroup the pro-fluoride forces. David is joined again by Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network and Bob Dickson of Safe Water Calgary, with some written comments from Hardy Limeback, formerly head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto. Some of the documents mentioned in this discussion are: (A) CADTH report: (B) Response to the CADTH Report: (C) O’Brien report: (D) Till/Green IQ Study: