“Rich” people

Not sure which are real and which are placeholders from someone else’s worth/enterprise, but here’s the current lineup.

I wonder who the “real” families that control the world are, and what they’re worth.

The U.S. and China are now home to a similar number of billionaires, according toForbes’ latest billionaires list. Russia is also a strong presence in a list that encompasses US$6.4-trillion in global wealth.

Even if you can’t be the richest person in the world, it’s still pretty cool to be the richest person in your country.

Many billionaires have held the title of richest in their country for a number of years, but as always, there are a number of new titleholders this year.

Forbes’ rich list: Meet the wealthiest person in 34 major countries | Financial Post.

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Magical chip future

Disneyworld is a testing ground for society at large. Here’s the latest in herd management technology.

MyMagic+ promises far more radical change. It’s a sweeping reservation and ride planning system that allows for bookings months in advance on a website or smartphone app. Bracelets called MagicBands, which link electronically to an encrypted database of visitor information, serve as admission tickets, hotel keys, and credit or debit cards; a tap against a sensor pays for food or trinkets. The bands have radio frequency identification (RFID) chips—which critics derisively call spychips because of their ability to monitor people and things.


We recently tried the system out. It’s yet another technological double edged sword: it’s quick and convenient, but is it worth the surrender of your privacy?

While in the Kingdom, I attempted to buy a banana. The magical Mickey head scanner was broken at the vendor’s cart. Without cash, ID, or other currency, I could not obtain the fruit. At one point the chip scanner wouldn’t let me in my room. One wrong keystroke and your chip could be deactivated, rendering you useless.

This will be your future, and it won’t be long.

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Sochi scenes


If you can get past the anti-Russian propaganda (mostly about the false anti-homosexual stories), then you’ll see what $50 billion of Russian taxpayer money can buy. Even after all the graft, it can buy some amazing architecture and infrastructure.Behind The Scenes – The Olympics In Sochi - Interesting 6

Behind The Scenes – The Olympics In Sochi – Interesting 6.

Click this link http://bit.ly/1embqBy describing the real story behind the Russian law banning spreading alternative lifestyle information to minors (what they call the anti-gay laws).

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Where the elites go

I’m sure they teach the trivium and quadrivium as well.

The boarding schools on this list are highly selective schools with many more applicants than places for students. The acceptance rates are 25% or less. The schools are listed in alphabetical order. I have made no attempt to rank these schools as each one is unique. You need to assess schools on the basis of how they fit your requirements. The best school is always the school which fits best.

via Top Boarding Schools – Top Boarding Schools in the U.S..

In Pictures: America’s Best Prep Schools – Forbes

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