Stop the JNF with David Mivasair

An episode that exposes how if you want to flaunt the rules, own the money machine of the rule writers. 

David Mivasair is a Canadian rabbi who is part of a petition to remove charitable status from the Jewish National Fund, a major landowner in Israel that has a mission to provide land to Jews, but not to people of our groups, such as Palestinians, a bias that even the Israeli state is not allowed to enforce. Reasons for the complaint is that the JNF has never identified purpose, supports the Israeli military (clearly illegal for a Canadian charity), is discriminatory and has assisted the Israeli

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* Published: 2019-02-19 3:23:35 PM

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What WW2 was about

Good post.

What I think WWII was (also, there were 1000s of parallel motives) about was to subvert three of the most intelligent, well developed cultures of the Western world.

There were basically three “factions” to be dealt with by the warmongering psychopaths:
1 – the Germanic people – and their advanced, well developed technology, art, literature, science
2 – the Russian people – and their art, literature, science
3 – individual jews – and their art, literature, business and science

The “traditional” stronghold in world politics has been Great Britain, for the 200 years prior to WWII (following the Spanish Empire that was number one before but in great decline in the early 18th century). The British powers didn’t want to see a strong Germany, nor didn’t they want to see a strong Russia. Both powers excelled in their respective areas and needed to be suppressed.

Then there were the jews. The individual, normal, working class jews of Europe were well-integrated in language, business and even culture (though may -or may not- have practiced a different religion). Also they excelled in art, science, business and other intellectual areas. Despite many attempts by the Zionists to get them to move to Palestine, they refused, having their local communities and friends outside of the jewish groups. They did not want to move to some desert in the Middle East. That has been admitted to have sparked the “need for a ‘good’ crisis, that shouldn’t go to waste”.

The black-and-white idea pushed by online Nazis “it’s Ze Jews!” is of course completely ridiculous. Yes, the big jewish ultrarich families have dominated European society for centuries in the back. They were scheming, tricking and infiltraiting (no typo) the diverse societies of the European continent. But the normal jews didn’t have anything with them in common, other than maybe an invented “ethnicity” or a religion. But it would be just as ridiculous to hold a common Brit responsible for the actions of Theresa May or a US American christian for the deeds of Trump/Obama/Bush whatever. Salomon the Butcher has nothing to do with Soros the Manslayer.

So there was a plan scripted (already decades in the making; those ultrarich families plan a century ahead) to suppress all parties:
– Russia by the commie terror
– Germany by the fascist terror
– Jews by the “Holocaust” terror

And it worked;

Germany was defeated, destroyed and occupied and split (the Nazis had a big hand in that due to their many strategic “mistakes” and their focus on transporting jews instead of protecting their “Aryan” German people)
Russia was already before put under the boot of communism, but that anti-Russian power was further strengthened with the Warsaw Pact countries and left for a new “war” later, the Cold “War”.
And the individual jews were also destroyed; ripped away from their homelands, kidnapped and shipped to all over the world and the Zionist State in particular and can rely on an “eternal suffering” to be used whenever wanted.

If you take into account the Eastern theater (not for nothing they use that word!), the other 2 big powers in the region there suffered the same fate; Japan was turned into the culprit for everything and China was placed under the horrors of Mao.

So all the higher, better developed, more intelligent and creative cultures (Germanic, Russian, jewish, Chinese, Japanese) were submitted to “the new order”.

Source: The three amigos – Piece of Mindful

Breaking the bonds

Removing children at a young age from their natural circle of care (their family) is the fastest way to facilitate psychopathy.

Sure, they may learn more and become independent sooner (by necessity), but learning to detach and stay detached causes irreversible harm to future empathy and relationships.

It’s no wonder a preponderance of our leaders are raised in these parentless coops.

The Impact Boarding School Has On Children | Leaving Home At 8

The power of the thick blue line

You will be crushed if you speak out against the police brotherhood – and are a policeman. The consequences are dire and may even be fatal.

For 17 months, New York police officer Adrian Schoolcraft recorded himself and his fellow officers on the job, including their supervisors ordering them to do all sorts of things that police aren’t supposed to do. For example, downgrading real crimes into lesser ones, so they wouldn’t show up in the crime statistics and make their precinct look bad. Adrian’s story first appeared as a five part series in the Village Voice, written by Graham Rayman. (41 minutes)

Source: Is That a Tape Recorder in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Unhappy to See Me?

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The Weight of Chains 

Just finished watching this fast paced (and a bit confusing) Michael Moore style documentary on the destruction and rebuilding in an EU/US image of Yugoslavia.

It was an excellent deconstruction of the NATO Balkan assault of the 90s. In two hours you will know more about what really happened then 10 years of new bytes leaked past the Clinton-Lewinsky sideshow, clearly meant as distractive pablum for the American audience.

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Liberalism has been blackwashed

Miles Mathis is a liberal – in the traditional sense of the word. Link.

I agree with all of that, which is why I am a liberal. Originally, equality meant “equal under the law”.
It has to do with equal rights. It doesn’t imply everyone has equal abilities, or should be given equal
consideration on every issue—even issues they know nothing about. It implies that normal people
shouldn’t be lied to and preyed upon by rich people, and that therefore normal people should be treated
with equal consideration in matters of law, education, finance, health, and so on. That is, public
matters, not private matters. It is simply a fairness doctrine. Same with gender equality. It didn’t
originally mean that the sexes should be indistinguishable. It meant that one sex shouldn’t be able to
prey on the other one in any arena. It meant that women should be equal under the law. That’s what all
the other issues are about as well, including freedom of speech, freedom of the press, unions and so on.
Without those things, it is too easy for the rich to monopolize society, raking everything into their
However, as I have shown you, the rich have found a way around all that. One way they have found a
way around it is by twisting the passage above, making you think liberalism is something it is not.
People like Alex Jones, Mike Adams, the Germ, and thousands of others have been drumming into your
head the idea that the collapse of Modern society is the fault of liberals, and of the idea of liberalism.
They want you to think that all the worst aspects of our culture came from the promotion of liberalism.
But just the opposite is true. As we have seen in my papers of the past five years or so, real liberals
didn’t create any of these movements—including Modern art, what now passes for feminism, gender
chaos, or any of the rest. They were all top-down projects of Intel, usually coming out of the military,
and financed by the big capitalists—most of them Jewish. I didn’t know that a few years ago, and
honestly didn’t want to know it, but there it is. I am honest enough to admit the truth when it hits me in
the face. I did my own research from the ground up, and that research took me to the same culprits
every time.
This means that liberalism has been blackwashed on purpose. It has been blackwashed just like
republicanism was before it, and for the same reason. Both liberalism and republicanism are antifascist.
They promote the rights of the lower and middle classes not to be preyed on by the rich. But,
as we have seen, the rich have been infiltating and blackwashing republicanism for centuries. That is
what Marxism was all about. Marx was from Jewish industrialist families, and he was nothing more
than a mole into the republican camps, blowing them from the inside. It is the same with liberalism,
which has been blown both from the outside and from the inside, via the long telling of fantastic lies by
thousands of paid agents.
Another way the rich have undercut liberalism is by allowing things like free speech and freedom of
the press, while gutting them of all real meaning. In theory, we have freedom of the press in the US,
since the military is not actively shutting down major media at gunpoint. In reality, the press is not free
at all, since it is completely owned by the rich. That is the neo-fascist answer to the press: not to
forcibly control it, but to financially control it. In our society, the media is managed, which makes it
utterly useless as a tool of liberalism.
Beyond that, an owned and managed media can be used to flip the world on you, making you think
things exist at A when they really exist at Z. They have convinced you the US is suffering from
liberalism, and that therefore we need to move right. When the truth is, the US isn’t liberal at all, by the
definition above. The country is tightly controlled from the top down, your freedoms are illusory, and
all the events you see in the news are manufactured to keep you from the truth. Which means—by the
old real definitions of words—we need to move sharp left. Basically, “right” means the rich control
everything and have all the advantages; “left” means normal people have an eq