DV: Abortion math


Released in June 2022, “Prole” is set in a dystopian world where workers who get pregnant are sent out of state to get an abortion encouraged, and bankrolled by their employers.

Abortion travel benefits.

Pretty dystopian, right?

But, of course, no office babies equal no maternity pay or 24-week productivity interruption, which is what Google is offering its life-giving laborers. (Birth parents at Airbnb and Microsoft are getting around 22 weeks of paid time off, 20 weeks at Amazon, 18 weeks at Uber, and around 17 weeks at Meta)

Let’s do some quick Jeff & Lucy air-math.

The average salary for Amazon is $114k per year, which includes an average base salary of $94k and an average bonus of $20k. The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Meta is $140,602, or $67 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $149,718, or $71 per hour.

Google pays its employees an average of $121,622 a year.

That’s roughly $2,338 per week x 24 weeks – $56k – down the drain.

The average cost for a first-trimester abortion in the US is $508.

Throw in some S&T and taking into consideration the Company small print that your abortion reimbursement is only for travel up to 100 miles away… well… it’s small wonder that Google is so terrified of the pitter-patter of googly-eyed pink feet that they’re going one step further:

Free Relocation to an abortion state!

I can only imagine wanting to move to a pro-abortion state means you intend to get more than one abortion – and are actively planning for it.

So much more sensible than using birth control.

But hey! You don’t mess with a liberal statist Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB’s) right to choose!

I wanna twerk.

For my right.

To kill baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabies!

It’s an insurrection, but that’s okay because everyone deserves the “right to choose”.

Everyone except the unborn I suppose.

And, gun owners.

And, those who prefer not to get a lethal injection for a fabricated virus.

Luckily, they’ve finally discovered why the unvaxxed have been saved from dying of Covaids-19. And, it’s a scientific discovery of such immense proportions that you can’t miss the Great Reveal in today’s Lucy & Jeff World Of Wondrous Discoveries.


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