Ep 224: Unequal by God’s design: Why are White, Christian, Men So Hated?

Ep 224: Why are White, Christian, Men So Hated?

2021-06-15 by myincredibleopinion

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Have you noticed that Christians, particularly white Christian men, are so often targeted for attack these days? If you haven’t noticed, life has become challenging for those of us who profess our faith in Jesus and/or listen to country music. All over the world, it seems the heart of every problem—every political, racial, sociological, or economic woe there is—can be attributed directly to white Christian men. Why is this? If all races, all genders, all religions are truly equal, then how are we so uniquely gifted at exploiting the system? Wouldn’t that just prove we aren’t equal? Wouldn’t that just prove we are supreme—even if supremely evil—over all other races, genders, and religions? I consider myself no better or worse than anyone else. THEY apparently do not. Doesn’t that make THEM white supremacists?

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