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    1. No, I’m not afraid of a fakeologist’s questions. I just don’t want to be lumped in with flat-earthers and 9/11 truthers. I have enough of a problem getting this idea accepted. Also, I don’t believe there is any conspiracy against squatting. Each MD has his or her own individual motives for ignoring the concept. The few who have been willing to discuss it have admitted that my thesis makes perfect sense. But they don’t want to admit their incompetence, they don’t want to make themselves superfluous and they don’t want to arouse the ire of their patients by telling them they have to squat. So, the MDs are just putting their own survival first, which is understandable. And there is certainly no media fakery or “psy-op” involved. The media can only report discoveries that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

      So, in general, conspiracy theories don’t appeal to me. I declined the interview because I wanted to avoid the impression that I’m “one of those.” Maybe if this disclaimer can be concisely conveyed, I would be willing to do the interview.

      1. Hi Jonathan,
        Wow, I appreciate your comment and totally understand your POV. Please listen to my audiochat here, where I elaborate my position with one of the forum’s leading members, Tom Dalpra. I also discussed it for a while here, with Uninstall Media.
        I will be happy to announce as many disassociations with my view and your view on media fakery, flat earth, or 9/11. Please understand that without my 4 year odyssey looking into the “conspiracy” side of life, I would never have considered alternative views on food or health, let alone going #2.
        I totally understand your reticence to the mixing of the two topics – and in retrospect, should have approached you from my other, non fakeologist persona. That, however, would not be me being honest and I try as best I can to be honest when approaching all topics. I think you’ll appreciate my fair approach and would be happy to give you final say on the recording.
        Please contact me at 518-564-0491 or add me @fakeologist on Skype. Let’s do a pre-interview and hash this out.

  1. I’d just like to add that as one of the most avid readers of Ab’s site, I am equally, if not even more fascianted, by topics such as body alignment, primal/ developmental movement, Feldenkrais and Hanna Somatics . I purchased a Squatty Potty roughly 3 years ago and would not be without it. I think as we age, our bodies forget efficient movement UNLESS we practise techniques such as Feldenkrais and maintain our flexibility and strength with resistance training and active stretching and pandiculation. It would be great to listen to your thoughts on squatting, and I am looking forward to the upcoming interview.

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